Staying at Batur Cozy Bali, feels like in Switzerland

Batur Cozy Bali
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Visa Bali Info – Batur Cozy Bali, feels like in Switzerland

Lately on social media there have been lots of themes for places to stay that have nuances like the situation in Switzerland.

You don’t need to go far to enjoy the beauty of this country, it also exists in Indonesia and in Bali to be precise.

The calm atmosphere is far from the hustle and bustle and pollution in the city, this place will really make you heal physically and mentally.

Batur Cozy Bali

Like the name of the place Batur Cozy Bali, this place to stay really gives you a cozy time.

Batur Cozy Bali is perfect for those of you who are planning a honeymoon with your partner or with your beloved family.

Having views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur, this place is like Switzerland with local Indonesian flavors, especially Bali.

Batur Cozy Bali Building Design

Batur Cozy Bali
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The design of the building from Batur Cozy Bali is actually more of a glamping building, this place has a unique tube shape with half of it being glass.

The glass in the tube-like building is what connects it with the cool view of the Swiss mountains. Because from inside this room, you can see the majestic beauty of the beautiful mountains and clean lakes.

Equipped with access to an aesthetic footpath made of gravel, then outside the glamping there are tables and chairs that can be used to relax while looking at the beautiful natural panorama.

Available Room Facilities

Batur Cozy Bali
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In the room that is directly in the room there are tables, mattresses, chairs, hanging shelves and welcome drinks.

There is a small hallway leading to the bathroom, the design leading to this bathroom seems unique and aesthetic.

It looks minimalist with rocks as the base. In the bathroom there is a mirror, sink, shower, toilet and clothes hangers.

Room Type (Glamping) Batur Cozy Bali

Batur Cozy Bali
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At Batur Cozy Bali there are two types of rooms that you can order while staying here, these two types of rooms namely;

  • First, there are 2 rooms with direct views in front of the lake and mountains

Price 600K (weekday), 700K (weekend)

  • Second, there are 3 rooms with garden views

Price 450K (weekday), 550K (weekend)

Activities You Can Do While Staying In Batur Cozy Bali


This one activity can be said to be an activity that is quite easy for you to do while staying here. All you have to do is contact the officers at the location, they will provide fishing facilities and equipment.

Sit by the lake while enjoying coffee or tea and just relaxing with your loved ones.

Jeep tours

For this one activity, you can take a tour using a jeep, you will be taken to a location that is quite interesting and exotic.

You will be taken to the black lava of Mount Batur, then you will also pass through and get to the black sand area.

Riding a jeep to chase the sunrise in the Batur area will be a very pleasant vacation.

Playing Canoes

Because it is surrounded by lakes, apart from fishing you can also play canoes while staying here.

Boat Tours

Apart from the jeep tour here, you can also enjoy or do boat tour activities, you will be taken on a tour to Trunyan Cemetery.

Here you will be explained a lot about how corpses are not buried but just placed under a tree.

Ride an Electric Scooter

This one activity is also interesting, you can ride an electric scooter and go around the Batur Cozy Bali area, of course you will be directed which routes you can take.

Simple Picnic By The Lake

The thing that is so simple to do here is a simple picnic by grilling meat and other menus by the lake.


Address :

Jl. Songan Jl. Jempana, Songan B, Kec. Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80614


With views directly facing the lake and mountains, this is why many feel that this location is like being in Switzerland.

Beautiful and cool natural conditions are perfect for those of you who are looking for a quiet vacation.

With prices that are still relatively affordable and there are still many promos, make a reservation soon so you won’t be disappointed when you come to this place.

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