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Balinese Wood Carving

balinese wood carving
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Balinese Wood Carving

Bali has cultural diversity that is still strong and is a special attraction for tourists.

Not really, only famous for its beautiful and enchanting tourist attractions, Bali has carving art that is well known to foreign countries.

For you lovers of interior beauty, when you go to Bali, you have to see the uniqueness and beauty of this carving.

We will share a little about Balinese wood carving.

Balinese Wood Carving

balinese wood carving
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Balinese carving has balanced values ​​between spiritual, religious, and commercial aspects.

Balinese carving is part of the artwork of woodcarving artists who have dedicated themselves to preserving Balinese traditional cultural heritage. This carving usually uses moja echo wood, teak wood, and cempaka wood.

Types of Balinese Carving

balinese wood carving
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The following are the types of Balinese carvings and their explanations,


This type of Balinese carving has a Balinese carving motif in the shape of an animal, which is usually highlighted on the head.

The coral carving only depicts the upper jaw in a more prominent position and does not have the lower jaw.

The motifs commonly used are animal motifs, which are often used as coral carvings, such as elephants, crows, and other wild animals.

Each example of an animal carving has a different name and meaning. For example, like a coral goak (bird’s head), which means that life will always be above, its position will be placed above.


Balinese carvings with leaf motifs (patra) and floral motifs. The concept taken is in the form of vines, such as pumpkin, bitter gourd, and other wild vines.

The meaning of pepatran itself is to provide protection to humans from fear, heat, thirst, and others.

Have the hope that the occupants of the house decorated with pepatran motifs will feel comfortable and safe.


Keketus carving is a Balinese carving that is in great demand. Having the most important parts of a plant patterned repeatedly by beautifying the pattern.

In terms of its type, this carving is still divided into several types. Such as Wangga’s decision, Tuwung’s decision, Bun Bunan’s decision, and many more.

Sculpture Carving

Sculpture carving is also a favorite for lovers of carving. takes the form of a complete human or the form of the function of wayang, which is emphasized in the decorative clothing of pepatran and craftsmanship.

One of the figures presented in this type of sculpture is the figure of the Buddha. Not only looks beautiful, this Buddhist-style carving also has a philosophy of wisdom that is meaningful for tourists. It is not surprising that the statue is one of the most popular and sought-after Balinese carvings.

Relief Engraving

This type of carving is quite unique. This embossed carving is used to decorate buildings and contains a story message.

The themes presented are also quite diverse, ranging from classic Balinese legends, the natural beauty of Bali, religion in Bali, Balinese art and culture, and so on.

Balinese Carving Motifs

balinese wood carving
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Balinese carving motifs themselves are still heavily influenced by the ancient kingdom. like the kingdoms of Majapahit and Padjadjaran.

It is not surprising that you often find carvings with wayang motifs, such as the statues of Rama and Sinta, the statue of Dewa Ruci, the statue of Nakula Sadewa, and so on.

Some artists even enjoy making carved masks in the forms of Patih Gajah Mada, Ganesha, Sidakarya, and so on.

In their development, Balinese carving motifs have progressed so that new motifs have emerged in accordance with today’s civilization.

Characteristics of Balinese Carving

balinese wood carving
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What distinguishes Balinese carvings from carvings in other areas of Indonesia are;

It has floral, leaf, and fruit motifs, which are a combination of concave shapes and circular thread carvings that give birth to curly edges on the carving.


This Balinese art of carving actually does not only apply to wood media. However, there are also Balinese carvings made using padas.

Carvings on the rock itself are usually used for the construction of holy places and as souvenirs.

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