Balinese Snack, Jaje Klepon

Jaje Klepon
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Visa Bali Info – Jaje Klepon

Jaje klepon is a Balinese food that is included in the traditional CAKE family. You can often find jaje klepon at traditional market sellers, maybe even at ready-to-eat cake shops.

This snack made from glutinous rice flour has the shape of a small round and contains brown sugar inside, which is sweet, chewy, and sticky with brown sugar that melts on the tongue.

Jaje Klepon Bali

Why can it be called a Balinese klepon? This snack is indeed slightly different from the usual klepon which is found in many other areas of Indonesia.

In general, klepon is a small round shape made of glutinous rice flour, green in color, and filled with brown sugar. So the Balinese klepon has an oval shape with a pointed end like a stalk, and inside it is filled with liquid brown sugar.

What makes it even more different is that the brown sugar filling in Balinese klepon is made from liquid brown sugar, while in ordinary klepon it is made from just sliced ​​brown sugar.

Common Snacks at Traditional Ceremonies

Jaje Klepon
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Jaje klepon is usually wrapped in banana leaves or small plastic wrap. And it’s very common for you to find it in traditional markets.

Currently, jaje klepon is widely used as food for the first treat in religious ceremonies for Hindus in Bali. One of them is used during wedding ceremonies and for cutting teeth.

The existence of this one cake is still sustainable, because, until now, there are still many who like this snack.

Have a Strong Philosophy

Jaje Klepon
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Besides having a delicious taste, this cake turns out to have a strong philosophy about life.

Reporting from the IDN Times page, the klepon is a symbol of simplicity that can turn into something special. This can be seen from the simple ingredients used when making klepon, but it manages to turn into something sweet in every bite.

High Carbohydrates

Jaje Klepon
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Using the basic ingredients of glutinous rice flour, then filled with brown sugar and covered with grated coconut.

The content of glutinous rice flour in klepon makes this cake have a high carbohydrate content. In addition, brown sugar also contains several vitamins and iron that the body needs.

Balinese Jaje Klepon Recipe

Jaje Klepon
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Material :

1/2 btr grated coconut

1/2 tsp salt

3 pandan leaves

200 gr glutinous rice flour

3 tbsp tapioca flour

1/2 tsp salt

10 pandan leaves

12 suji leaves (can be replaced with pandan paste to taste)

210 ml of thin coconut milk


Liquid brown sugar ingredients :

150 gr of brown sugar

150 ml of air

How to make

1. Put grated coconut, salt, and pandan leaves into a container/bowl. Mix well and then steam for 15 minutes so it doesn’t get stale quickly (for the final topping).

2. Then, put the brown sugar and water into the pot. Cook until boiling then filter. Set aside for a while (for stuffing).

3. Mix the glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, and salt in a bowl. Set it aside first.

4. Put the sliced ​​pandan leaves, suji, and thin coconut milk into the blender bowl. Blend until smooth. Then it was filtered and measured to as much as 210 ml

5. Then, cook pandan coconut milk until it boils while stirring. Immediately pour the pandan coconut milk that is still hot into the mixture of glutinous rice flour and tapioca flour. Then stir until well blended. If it’s not hot, stir it with your hands until it’s smooth.

6. Take 1/2 tablespoon of klepon dough, if your hands are sticky, cover with a little tapioca flour. formed an oval first.

7. Then, make a hole in the klepon dough, make it like a bowl with the help of your thumb and forefinger while rotating it and pressing it on your palm so that it forms a deep hole.

8. Fill the dough with liquid brown sugar. Then close the top tightly first, and then form a pointy shape. After that, immediately put it into boiling water. Cook until cooked and they float.

9. Remove the klepon then drain. Wait a minute for it to cool, then sprinkle with grated coconut, and it’s ready to serve.


Jaje klepon is also suitable for breakfast or just as a snack for best friends when relaxing.

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