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Has many traditional handicraft works that are home-made or commonly called home industries. The results of this craft are quite good and can be a commodity besides tourism. Even these handicrafts can be marketed through local circles, throughout Indonesia and even for export purposes. The results of traditional Balinese handicrafts are also varied, not monotonous. There are also many handicraft items produced by artisans, in demand by tourists who are on holiday on the island of the gods, Bali, and eventually become export commodities. 

Craft enthusiasts and tourists 

Of course, this is a place for craftsmen to market their handicrafts. This opportunity is very good for craftsmen. Moreover, the goods produced by the craftsmen have uniqueness, which can be a special attraction when used as souvenirs. 

Art market and gift shop 

With unique Balinese handicrafts, these handicrafts are much sought after by tourists who come to make souvenirs when they come from Bali. These traditional handicrafts are now easy to find, be it in art markets or modern souvenir shops. Art markets and souvenir shops are important locations for shopping needs for tourists on tour and on tour agendas in Bali, not only foreign tourists but even domestic tourists. For souvenir needs in the form of traditional handicrafts, you can find them at the Sukawati art market and the Krisna Shop, which is the center for selling various handicrafts typical of the island of Bali.

Balinese traditional handicrafts 

There are several traditional Balinese handicrafts that are in great demand by tourists, including; 


balinese handicrafts
Ig by @tasrotan.bali

Wicker is quite familiar to the people of Bali, this woven material is in great demand for everything from everyday needs to religious ceremonial tools, traditional ceremonies, seat covers, and even as a bed base. Some of the crafts are indeed occupied by a number of local residents. Made from environmentally friendly materials such as pandan, bamboo, rattan, palm leaf straw, and ata. The handicrafts are also quite interesting, such as bags, wallets, bags, baskets, mats, ingke, chairs, and even statues made in a classic and natural style, so that they appear unique and beautiful as handicrafts from the area of Bali, which contribute a lot of foreign exchange. 


balinese handicrafts
Ig by @lukisan_sukawati

It can be said that the paintings are typical of Bali, where the paintings have characteristics of high artistic value with clear and firm strokes. The workmanship is neat and detailed, so this craft is in great demand by tourists. From the results of this painting itself, the characteristics that are displayed will emerge. Like the Kamasan painting, where this painting comes from the Kamasan Klungkung area. The resulting paintings are so classic and have character.


balinese handicrafts
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Craft carving is very related to the art of sculpture. The art of carving produced here is in the form of carved wood and stone sculptures. If you come to Bali and see the houses of the people, you will easily see carvings on wood and stone. Generally in the form of a statue that is carved into an exotic appearance. Like the Batubulan area, here you will easily find sculptures either for decoration or for holy places. Meanwhile, you can find wooden statues in Bali in Mas Village, Ubud District, and Gianyar. 

Gold and silver

balinese handicrafts
Ig by @globalsiverbali

You can find gold and silver handicrafts in the village of Celuk, where these crafts are very unique and of the best quality. Almost all residents of Celuk village can produce this gold and silver handicraft in quite large quantities. The handicrafts produced include bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, ceremonial tools, and even statues that have high economic value. So that Celuk is a mandatory tour destination on the island of Bali for a number of tourists. 

Coconut shell (batok kelapa)

balinese handicrafts
Ig by @yandebatok

This traditional craft utilizes waste from coconuts. Coconut shells are a home industry that produces goods in various forms, ranging from accessories for women such as hair clips, as well as buttons for clothes, photo frames, to kitchen utensils such as bowls and spoons, bags, decorative lights, and bowl jewelry as a prayer tool. You can come to one of the villages, namely Tampaksiring, Gianyar. These handicrafts have even penetrated Asian, European, American, and Australian markets. 


You can find all of the traditional handicrafts listed above easily in traditional art markets or souvenir shops.

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