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Not only presenting tourist destinations that can spoil while on vacation in Bali. It’s not just beaches and hotels either.

Bali also has culinary cuisine with many choices ranging from heavy to light food. As we know, the famous culinary delights in Bali are betutu duck dishes.

But have you tried Balinese culinary delights? You can make this culinary souvenir after you come from Bali.

Here are some traditional Balinese culinary delights for you to hunt down and make souvenirs for.

Milk pie

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Many of you must already know, that milk pie is indeed one of the typical Balinese cakes that is often used as souvenirs.

Pastries with a sweet taste are contained in the custard. As the name implies, custard pie milk is made from a mixture of cream or milk, sugar and egg yolks.

Betutu Duck

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As we all know, Bali is very famous for this one dish, Betutu duck. But don’t get confused just yet how to bring this one souvenir.

Betutu duck souvenirs are currently made frozen, so you don’t need to be confused about how to bring them.

With a special blend of spices from the Majapahit era and original concoctions made by Balinese hands, this will be a sensation in itself.

Disco Beans

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This type of groundnut is coated with a mixture of flour and spices, then fried. This processing process makes Disco Beans have a crunchy taste with a delicious taste.

What makes it different is that the taste of this food is quite diverse, ranging from sweet to prawn flavor.


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This Balinese food is traditionally processed without the help of machines. Nevertheless, it tastes no less delicious than machine-processed food.

This Balinese food has something in common with kue pia or bakpia from Yogyakarta. This pia also has a choice of flavors such as cheese, chocolate, and green beans.

Balinese salak

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We all know this one food, because almost every region in Indonesia has a different type of salak. Bali also has salak which is its trademark.

Salak Bali is a typical Balinese souvenir that is very popular. There are two types of salak from this area: First, regular salak which tastes sour with a thick texture of fruit flesh. Second, sugar salak, which tastes sweet but has thinner flesh than regular salak.

Pork Skin Crackers

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This is a non-halal souvenir that Bali has. Pork skin crackers are indeed similar to rambak made from cow skin. The difference is, the texture of pork skin crackers is quite fragile and crunchier.

Koro Beans


Still in the legume family, this time there are koro beans. Koro beans are processed with a blend of traditional Balinese spices.

With a crunchy and savory texture when eaten, this is perfect for making simple and easy-to-find souvenirs.



This one cake snack is usually used as a complement during the Galungan ceremony. But it can also be enjoyed every day because it has been sold in many traditional markets.

Kaliadrem cake is made from simple ingredients such as rice flour, brown sugar, coconut, salt and water.

The process of making this cake itself is still very traditional because it is directly made from rice which is directly pounded into flour.


These typical Balinese souvenirs are not just food, there are also drink concoctions that you can take home.

Like typical Kintamani coffee, Brem and Balinese arak (this is legal because it’s only a fermented drink).

Not only concoctions of drinks, there are also souvenirs such as rattan bags, Balinese kebaya, Balinese songket cloth and even Udeng.

Even if you like art, you can buy Balinese paintings from the area.


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