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Balinese Cultural Wealth

Balinese Cultural Wealth –

Being a part of Indonesia, which is famous for its natural beauty and rich cultural diversity. With its stunning natural beauty, Bali offers many interesting tourist spots to explore. Beautiful beaches, temples that stand exotic, mountains that stand firm, and even entertainment life you can use to relax with friends. Interestingly, this natural beauty and cultural diversity are closely related to art, tradition, and religion. 

Dance, music, and fine arts 

Balinese Cultural Wealth
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Bali has a slightly different culture from the existing Indonesian region. The art that is most well known in general is dance. You may have heard of the Kecak, Legong, and Barong dances, which are dances inherited from your ancestors. This dance has existed since ancient times and is believed to be a form of offering to the gods. Balinese gamelan is a traditional Balinese musical instrument, that is also one of the attractions of very popular Balinese traditional art. Furthermore, fine art, which is also very well known by tourists who have visited Bali, is in the form of sculptures, carvings, and paintings, which are very famous for their beauty and high quality.

Many temple buildings 

Balinese Cultural Wealth

Many temple buildings that stand majestically, are closely related to religion and customs. Bali is a place where Hinduism is still very strong and is lived by its people. Do not be surprised if the Balinese have several sacred places, such as temples, and traditional ceremonies such as Ngaben, Odalan, and Nyepi. Pura is a sacred place for Balinese Hindus and a place for worship and prayer. Traditional ceremonies in Bali are very thick and contain deep religious values. 

Traditional ceremonies 

Balinese Cultural Wealth

You will often encounter this activity when you visit Bali. Like Nyepi, this is a big day for the Balinese Hindu community. When this holiday comes, you must also comply with regulations such as not making noise and walking around. Then there is Ngaben, which is a death ceremony that is carried out to deliver one’s soul to the afterlife. There is also Odalan, which is a temple celebration ceremony that is held every six months. This traditional ceremony is part of the many traditional ceremonies in Bali.

Festivals and events 

Bali also has various festivals and cultural events that are very interesting to visit. The variety of Balinese culture provides a platform for artists to show their various works of art. Such as the Bali Arts Festival, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, and Bali Spirit Festival, which feature the rich and magnificent art, music, and culture of Bali. In addition, cultural events such as traditional ceremonial activities and religious events are often held and can be attended by tourists visiting Bali. 

Authentic culinary 

Balinese Cultural Wealth
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Bali also has authentic culinary delights, such as betutu, lawar, jinggo rice, sate lilit, and many others. These culinary delights contain distinctive spices and use ingredients selected from Balinese nature, such as Balinese red rice, pork, fresh sea fish, and spices such as lemongrass and ginger.

Complete tourist spot 

Balinese Cultural Wealth
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Tourist attractions are your favorite places when you go to Bali. There is a beach that is very famous for its white sand, clear sea water, and ideal waves for surfing. Like Kuta, Seminyak, and Sanur, it is always crowded with tourists from various countries. Apart from beaches, Bali also has stunning mountains, such as Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali and is considered a sacred mountain for the Balinese people. Mount Batur is an active volcano and has very beautiful views. 


Exploring Bali won’t be enough time if it’s only for one week, Come again, always schedule your vacation in Bali. There are many places that you can still explore.

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