Balinese Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo Crafts
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Visa Bali Info – Balinese Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo is a grass-type plant with cavities and joints on the stems, and bamboo has many types (Wikipedia).

Other names for bamboo are reed, aur, pring, and eru. In this world, bamboo is one of the plants with the fastest growth.

The utilization of bamboo is also diverse and varied. Starting from the need for a place to live to be made into handicrafts that have high selling power.

The form of handicrafts originating from bamboo itself has many varieties and types. In Indonesia, bamboo crafts are no longer foreign.

Almost all regions in Indonesia are familiar with this one plant. So, this time we will discuss how bamboo crafts in Bali can work well.

Bamboo Craftsmen in Bali

Bamboo Crafts
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Growing up with a variety of cultures and traditions that produce art, Bali has a variety of arts that, until now, could not only be enjoyed by the eyes, but also generate purchasing power for tourists who come to Bali.

From the craftsmen’s point of view, many are also produced, such as paintings, sculptures, fabrics, rattan, bamboo, and so on.

As for bamboo itself, almost all areas in Bali can produce this bamboo craft. The raw material of bamboo is very good for being processed into various handicraft industry products because the texture of bamboo tree trunks is easy to carve and shape in such a way.

Various handicrafts made from Balinese bamboo are made into antique or good quality art items to become aesthetic items.

Balinese Bamboo Crafts

Bali itself has produced bamboo handicrafts from many areas in Bali. Crafts made from bamboo that are produced in each region are indeed different, without leaving a distinctive Balinese style.

Craft bamboo form of furniture

Bamboo Crafts
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Many bamboo handicrafts are the result of skilled hands and the artistic creativity of the local community.

As in the Belga Village and Bona Village areas of Gianyar regency, the craftsmen here produce bamboo handicrafts on average in the form of chairs, dining tables, lanterns, beds, and even gazebos.

For consumers of bamboo handicrafts in this village, they can reach foreign countries, especially destinations in the United States, Japan, and other parts of Europe.

Woven bamboo craft

Bamboo Crafts
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The development of bamboo handicrafts in Bali, which are carried out by artisans, makes the types of bamboo handicrafts increasingly diverse.

Bamboo handicrafts in the form of woven items can be made in a variety of places for use, from furniture to just decorative knick-knacks.

Like the craftsmen of Sukawati Village, the craftsmen produce various works of art from bamboo, such as carvings of various human expressions, flower vases, key chains, and several other types of crafts.

In the village of Sitepa, the craftsmen produce woven bamboo, which is used to produce woven bamboo products such as lamp housings, pencil cases, tumblers, tissue boxes, and even chairs, tables, and others.


Bamboo Crafts
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Weaving bamboo turns out to be a common thing for the people of Bali and has become something that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In Buleleng, most of the residents work on this woven bamboo, and they often make sokasi and prayer tools that are usually found in traditional markets.

In addition to sokasi and prayer equipment, the craftsmen in Buleleng also produce Balinese gedek.

Until now, woven bamboo crafts have still been preserved and have become the ancestral heritage of the Buleleng people, maybe even in some other areas of Bali.


Not just a selling craft, the aesthetics of bamboo handicrafts from Bali have their own uniqueness.

Don’t forget to hunt for these Balinese bamboo handicrafts when you visit Bali. Make souvenirs for those closest to you!

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