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Bali Organic Food

bali organic food
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Along with the increasing healthy lifestyle in the community, the need for organic food products in Indonesia is increasing.

Especially for organic food products, the market in Indonesia is predicted to increase and even grow 15-20 percent per year.

bali organic food
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Organic Trade Center

The organic trade center was inaugurated in 2019, located on Jalan Kedampang, Krobokan Kelod, North Kuta with an area of ​​​​approximately 1 hectare to witness the Organic Trade Center being inaugurated.

The idea of ​​establishing an OTC Bali organic farming center was carried out by Balinese agricultural businesses with PT Kios Beras, and the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Alumni Association, which has a mission to present healthy and quality agricultural products.

Purpose of Establishing Organic Trade Center

In addition to facilitating farmers to develop organic agriculture, the purpose of establishing the Organic Trade Center is to introduce to the public about healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

Organic Farming Practitioners believe that people are starting to realize that good, healthy and sustainable farming is organic farming.

Geo Open Space located in OTC is a place for organic farmers to show off to the public that the organic farming sector can guarantee the sustainability of Indonesian agriculture.

Constraints to Organic Plant Development

Currently, there are still many organic farmers who feel inferior because people’s views about organic farming are often considered eccentric. There are still many farmers who are not confident that organic farming can develop.

To change the mindset of farmers who tend to be pessimistic about organic farming, it is necessary to have the role of the mass media, government agencies, and stakeholders to show that organic agriculture can ensure the sustainability of the Indonesian agricultural sector.

Community Empowerment So Interest In Organic Planting

Community empowerment is a challenge. The involvement of all parties is needed to support the government’s efforts, one of which is through direct assistance to the community, with the aim of knowing more about what the community needs.

Forming the mindset of the community, to provide knowledge to the community that agricultural cultivation without the use of chemicals is one solution to the difficulties faced.

Compared to chemical farming, where the results can be seen in a short time, organic farming tends to take a long time, while farmers certainly expect harvest results in the shortest possible time.

To enjoy the harvest that meets expectations also requires patience and commitment from the farmers.

Even though they have problems with plant diseases, they are not allowed to use chemical pesticides.

Usually the farmers who are being directed to organic farming will be accompanied until the organic farmers understand how to do organic farming properly.

Advantages in Organic Cultivation

According to data from the Ministry of Trade released in 2020, Indonesia has a market share of organic products of 0.4% of the total world market share with 17,948 producers of organic products and a land area of ​​280 thousand hectares.

During the transition from pandemic to endemic, people are now paying more attention to healthy lifestyles, one of which is by consuming organic agricultural products, such as vegetables and fruit.

Another advantage obtained by implementing organic farming is being able to reduce production costs.

In contrast to chemical fertilizers which are quite expensive, the use of fertilizers and pesticides in organic farming only utilizes materials available around which are quite cheap and easy to obtain. Like the former chicken coop husk or livestock manure.

After that, assisted by spraying organic liquid fertilizer (PCO) FMB47. This PCO contains soil-repairing bacteria that function to break down chemical deposits due to the prolonged use of chemical fertilizers on land.

For pesticides, they make their own pesticides from gadung tubers, tobacco and noni. This organic pesticide is effective in preventing caterpillar pests and plant diseases, one of which is fruit rot caused by anthracnose fungus.

Although the process is not easy, organic farming has opportunities that are comparable to the efforts made by farmers.

Bali’s increasingly dense atmosphere, coupled with a shift in tourism to the Lombok Island area, requires people to start looking at organic farming as a source of income.

For you too, would you prefer food without chemicals, right ? So now change your matching pattern by using natural materials.

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