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Bali Became One of the Best Islands in the World

Best Island
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Visa Bali Info – Best Island

Still a favorite and still the main holiday destination, Bali does have an attractive allure for anyone to keep coming and making memories in it.

In 2022, Bali is one of the lists with the title “best island”. Even Bali has put its ranking in second place.

The second rank in the list of the best islands to visit (Best Island to Visit 2022) for the Asia category version of the Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.

Being the Only Representative From Indonesia

The island of Bali is the only representative from Indonesia in this award. The existing ratings are based on readers’ choices.

The Readers’ Choice Awards are organized by travel and lifestyle media, Conde Nast Traveler. voting will be conducted online from 1 April to 30 June 2022.

The categories held are the Asia category, the United States category, Europe, the Caribbean and the Atlantic, Central and South America, North America, Australia and the South Pacific, as well as Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The complete list of Best Island for the Asian category according to the Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

  1. Boracay in the Philippines
  2. Bali in Indonesia
  3. Koh Samui in Thailand
  4. Langkawi in Malaysia
  5. Phuket in Thailand
  6. Phú Quốc in Vietnam
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Palawan in the Philippines
  9. Ryuku and Okinawa Islands in Japan
  10. Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Reasons Why Bali Becomes The Best Island

According to the website of the Ministry of Tourism Tourism and Creative Enterprises, Bali has 5 reasons to be the best island including;

1. Complete Travel Destinations

Best Island
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Bali does not only have stunning beach views. Bali also has other beautiful natural panoramas that are authentic and beautiful.

Terraced rice fields, a zoo, the West Bali national park, the Tampaksiring Palace which is one of the presidential palaces, you can even get holidays in the form of entertainment with the many beach clubs and cafes.

Bali can live side by side with the modern city and Balinese culture which is so strong and thick.

This makes many foreign tourists interested in coming to see. That is why Bali is considered a complete tourist destination.

2. Cross-Cultural Arts

Best Island
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Talking about cross-cultural art, we can see it in every Hindu and Buddhist-style building architecture that is often found there, such as temples.

There is the art of wood carving which is also famous and the art of painting, each of which has its own characteristics.

For painting itself, there is the oldest museum in Bali which contains works of local painting, both traditional and modern.

The uniqueness of Balinese culture is so rich and it has existed since the royal era until now in the era of independence.

3. Delicious Culinary Heaven

Best Island

As for the culinary itself, Bali has many special foods that foreign tourists also like. Not a few tourists come to Bali to hunt for culinary delights, in addition to enjoying its natural charm.

Betutu chicken, mixed rice, tepeng rice, and sate lilit are well-known traditional Balinese dishes.

4. The people are friendly

Best Island
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Come to Bali, then you will be greeted with smiles and hospitality from the people.

The world has known Bali as an island with the friendliness of its local people. Balinese people are known to be polite and have a smooth speech.

Life in Bali is also peaceful and peaceful, this is what makes foreign tourists feel at home for long holidays on the Island of the Gods.

5. Dance Attractions

Best Island
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It has a rich culture, Bali with all its uniqueness and a number of traditional dances. The dances turned out to be a magnet for tourists.

Kecak Dance, Barong Dance, and Legong Dance are traditional Balinese dances that are often performed.

Sometimes this dance art is also staged together with acting, making drama with a mix of dances.


Completeness of tourism ranging from natural charm, culinary, to tourist attractions, so that it becomes the best moment while on vacation from the Island of the Gods.


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