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Bali Digital Technology Ecosystem

Bali Digital
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Visa Bali Info – Bali Digital Technology Ecosystem

The rapid development of technology in the world today requires all areas of life to be able to keep up so that they are not far behind.

Various new technologies are continuously being discovered as an effort to facilitate human work. The development of this technology has resulted in limitations – existing limitations are no longer obstacles.

With the development of technology various difficulties are facilitated, such as in the field of communication and information.

Lately, it’s easy for us to communicate face to face, see the faces of the people we communicate with even at a great distance.

We can also get information from various parts of the world quickly, one might even say up to date. This happened because of technological developments.

Bali In Technology

Bali Digital

Currently technological developments have also penetrated various regions in Bali. Even with a relatively small area, the island of Bali is in the spotlight of world tourist destinations which are always in a special position with natural beauty and a beautiful cultural arts system.

It is this technological advancement that really supports the development of tourism, can be a profitable medium for agents working in the field of tourism.

Tourism agents can promote Bali tourism with its culture and natural beauty to the world’s global community.

With the aim of increasing the number of tourist visits to Bali which can have an impact on increasing the welfare of the Balinese people, not only for tourism actors but for the Balinese people in general.

Bali Is Scheduled To Become A Heaven For Digital Communities

Bali Digital

The massive development of technology in Bali has prompted the Provincial Government of Bali to draft a work program on digital transformation of Bali into a “Bali Smart Island” place.

The provincial government of Bali in its performance has accelerated strategic and tactical steps and has developed policies and regulations in the field of digital transformation.

The work regulation that is being implemented is in the form of a digital transformation planning map, establishing collaboration with various stakeholders and has made a priority scale for an electronic-based government system in various aspects of development.

Bali Digital Transformation Concept And Scenario

Bali Digital

The provincial government of Bali has the concept of digital transformation Kerthi which is based on 3 dimensions of Bali’s development time, including the past (atita), present (wartamana) and future (nagata).

The scenario that is currently being implemented by the provincial government of Bali is process transformation, business transformation, domain transformation, cultural / organizational transformation.

The concepts and scenarios above place digital transformation not only as a support and enabler, but also as a driver.

Bali Digital Tourism

Bali Digital
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Last year Bali held the Bali Digital Festival, the festival presented by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno with the theme Bali Digital Tourism.

Technological developments require that all lines can keep up with technological developments, including the tourism sector.

Digital Tourism is a must for Bali. The Provincial Government of Bali has issued various regulations to strengthen the implementation of Digital Tourism.

Digital tourism has the aim of strengthening the governance of the implementation of Balinese cultural tourism which has an impact on increasing the quality of service to the public, especially tourists and other related stakeholders.

Building a digital ecosystem for Balinese cultural tourism, and to access as wide as possible digital economic opportunities from organizing Balinese cultural tourism.


The rapid development of digital technology has indeed resulted in conveniences in all things.

It’s like the world is in our hands, but policies in using technology must also be balanced with the norms that apply in society so that unfavorable frictions do not occur in society.

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