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Bali Becomes Home For Artists

Visa Bali info – Bali Becomes Home For Artists

Bali is a home for artists, why can you say that? Because in Bali, you will easily find many works of art from local artists.

Whether it’s in the form of painting, sculpture, dance, performing arts and so on, to the results of the typical spa oil concoctions that we usually find in Bali.

Find Balinese art that you can learn and maybe become souvenirs when you are on vacation in Bali, check it out!

Kamasan painting


Having a different painting method from other paintings is what makes this Kamasan painting unique.

Derived from Kamasan Village, Klungkung Regency. The canvas media for painting is not ordinary canvas media, but rather a cloth that is first dipped in rice porridge powder, then dried in the sun.

The media that has been made in advance will look like ancient paper, so this is what has a high selling point too.

The painting tools used for painting are still traditional, namely made of bamboo. His painting style is also very typical of Kamasan with wayang patterns.

If you visit Klungkung, Bali. Don’t forget to stop by the Kamasan area and see this authentic painting.


Ig by @soelunglodhaya87

Famous for having very beautiful carving. Balinese carving has the characteristics of complicated details, but very beautiful to look at.

The art of carving used is very diverse. There are from wood, stone, to concrete or cement. The results of the art of carving can be seen from the interior of the house, statues, rangda, barong, cloth, and other knick-knacks or jewelry.

Sculpture Art

For this sculptural art itself, Bali doesn’t seem to need to be doubted. Like the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) statue which has become one of the icons of Bali today.

Genggong Musical Instruments

Ig by @bejo_sandy_dzsandyarto

Genggong is a traditional Balinese musical instrument. Genggong is included as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia.

The old Genggong in Bali comes from Banjar Pegok, Sesetan Village, Denpasar City. Genggong is made of bamboo which has a rope to be hit so that it makes a sound. This sound is converted into a pitch by the method of resonance in the throat or oral cavity.

Pendet dance

Pendet dance is one of the traditional Balinese dances whose dances are performed in groups and are usually danced by women. However, in some areas of Bali, there are also those danced by men.

Pendet dance aims to welcome the Gods who descend to Earth during religious ceremonies. Apart from that, the Pendet Dance is currently used to welcome guests.

Woven Fabric Works (Tenun Bali)


If you visit the village of Tenganan Bali, you will find a lot of Balinese woven fabric production.

This Balinese woven fabric is also commonly called “ndek”. With the double tie weaving technique and the length of the manufacturing process that makes this cloth so has a high selling value.

It takes one year to complete one piece of cloth because the manufacturing process requires precision and the design is very complex.

Balinese Spa Products


Who would have thought that Bali Spa products have also been produced by the skilled hands and minds of artists.

Materials in essential oils that can provide different healing effects; lavender for example is a calming oil, frangipani is used to relieve headaches and inflammation.

This Bali spa product has been sold all over the world. Brands such as Bali Spa Nature and Bali Alu, are very well known for their masks and soaps.


A work of art arises because of a sense of culture, so it’s no wonder that Bali can become a home for artists.

Appreciate and encourage art and artistic results to keep growing and avoid extinction due to the lack of young people in developing it.


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