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Visiting Batubulan Village, Bali Barong Dance Center

Barong Dance
Barong Dance

Visa Bali Info – Barong Dance

Holidays on the island of Bali are not only witnessing the beauty of tourist attractions or natural recreation areas, but also the works of art and local cultural performances.

Like the Barong dance at Batubulan Gianyar that you should enjoy, so that it will add to your holiday experience while on the island of Bali.

Batubulan itself is an art village that presents many works of art. Such as sculpture which is the work of local sculptors.

But this time we will discuss the Barong Dance in Batubulan, see our review below.

Barong Batubulan Dance

Visiting barong dance performances in Bali such as in Kesiman Denpasar, GWK area, and also in the tourism center of Ubud seems to be common.

Have you ever thought about visiting Batubulan village to enjoy the typical Barong dance performance of this village, it’s no wonder that this village has a number of places and stages that can present this dance.

This traditional Balinese Barong dance is a sacred cultural heritage of the ancestors of the Pre-Hindu period.

Until now, this sacred traditional dance has been developed into an entertainment dance for recreation, but it does not eliminate the magical element of the dance.

The Barong dance performance in Batubulan depicts a fight between Barong which symbolizes virtue and Rangda which symbolizes evil.

Types of Barong Dance in Batubulan

barong dance
Barong Dance

In Bali, there are several types of Barong such as Barong Ket, Barong Gajah, Barong Asu (dog), Barong Bangkal (pig), Barong Brutuk and Barong Landung.

What is displayed in Batubulan village is the Barong Ket (Keket) dance type. Barong in Batubulan is depicted in the figure of an animal with four legs.

Barong Ket has costumes and dance treats that are more complete than other types of Barong.

The costumes themselves generally combine the animal forms of tigers, lions and oxen, and their bodies are full of fur combined with ornaments from a mirror.

Played By 2 Players

Barong Batubulan in the performance is only played by 2 dancers, known as the interpreter Saluk and interpreter Bapang.

The Saluk and Bapang interpreters are able to display compact and dynamic movements.

The front dancers play the front legs and head of the Barong, while the rear players play the legs and tail.

Barong Batubulan dance in its performance

Barong Dance
Barong Dance

In the performance, the Barong Batubulan dance is like the Barong dance in Bali in general. Accompanied by traditional Balinese musical instruments, namely gamelan and a number of other traditional classical musical instruments such as Betel and Gong kebyar accompany this dance.

At the opening of the dance, a monkey with agile and funny movements accompanying Barong, makes funny movements that invite laughter from the audience.

Comedy elements are very closely related to this dance performance, besides being mythological and depicting the battle of virtue and evil.

In addition to the figures of Rangda and Barong in the performance, there is also the figure of Celuluk who is Rangda’s subordinate, an ape figure who is an imitation animal.

What is quite interesting is the kris dance of a number of players with their daggers drawn, sticking the tip of their kris into each other’s bodies in a trance-like state. Of course this is only done by professionals.

Barong Dance Becomes Part of Traditional Balinese Art

Although at first the Barong dance is a traditional sacred dance in Bali, which is also the root of Balinese culture inherited from ancient times,

With the process of making the tapel (mask) on the costume, as well as selecting materials from haunted places that have mystical powers, and choosing a good day in making it. This is what makes the Barong dance at first sacred and so respected.

Various things are taken into account so as to produce quality works of art and have a thick magical aura.

However, currently the Barong dance can be performed as an entertainment dance, as can be seen every day in the village of Batubulan, Gianyar, but even as entertainment, it still has magical elements.

Barong Batubulan Dance Performance Duration

With a duration of one hour, the Barong dance starts at 09.30, if you are going to watch this dance performance, try to arrive 10 minutes earlier so you don’t miss the storyline of the Barong dance itself.

Well, the variety of arts and culture in Indonesia is indeed a special attraction to be enjoyed and missed. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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