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Pot & Terracotta
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Visa Bali Info – Serayu Pot & Terracotta

There are so many ways to enjoy your vacation when you choose Bali Island as a place to spend your quiet time.

There is no doubt how Bali provides tourist spots. Various rides, the beauty of the beach, the natural beauty of the mountains, to the bustling nightlife.

For those of you who have a hobby of taking pictures, Bali has lots of places for you to hunt. This time we will give a place that has high creative art by the owner.

Then what place is it? It’s called Serayu Pot & Terracotta, what’s in this place? Check out our review.

The beginning of Serayu’s name

Starting from a shop called Warung Serayu, this shop itself was established about 18 years ago.

Since its inception, Wayang Cameng has been and has always been consistent in maintaining the existence of this Serayu stall.

Strategically located on the side of the road, currently has works in the form of pottery with its own uniqueness, namely the pots and terracotta are painted in colorful colors and painted and then hung.

Wayang Cameng

pot & terracotta
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Pak Wayan Cameng is an artist from Ubud who has long established Warung Serayu.

Initially, Pak Wayan Cameng had the desire to express his works of art as permanent installation works.

Using a simple facility in the form of earthenware pots that are commonly found in the market, what distinguishes his work is that the pots here are painted in colorful colors.

The colorfully painted pots are then stacked and hung up to form an installation that is beautiful to the eye.

Just like the name “Serayu” which has its own philosophy, namely one of the names of rivers in India whose spirit is taken, which means “live like a flowing river because life must be lived as it is done”.

The creations displayed by Wayan Cameng are very diverse and are more dominant towards human interests. His painting creations range from the natural beauty of Ubud, flowers, rice fields and culture.

This was heavily influenced by the development of the art world where there were more and more art schools so that finally Wayan began to adapt as a self-taught artist.

Painting Pots And Terracotta

Pot & Terracotta
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While here you can not only buy beautiful pots of various shapes and sizes, but you can also relax for a while by painting pots and terracotta.

The price offered for adults is around IDR 179,000 and for children around IDR 149,000.

Prices for pots are offered starting from IDR 20,000 to IDR 300,000 for small and medium sizes, all depending on the size of the pot. In addition, those of you who take part in the class will also be given snacks.

Not only painting, while here you can also enjoy the afternoon atmosphere accompanied by a cup of Balinese coffee.

Free of charge

Pot & Terracotta
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Wayan Cameng never charges a penny for those of you who come to take pictures between the pot & terracotta as long as you ask permission first.

You are also asked to be careful when taking photos because pot & terracotta are fragile if touched.

This location is also often used as a location for shooting video clips or pre-wedding photos, so Wayan is used to facing the camera.

Current Developments of Serayu Pot & Terracotta

Pot & Terracotta
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Made Indah Jayanthi, who is the daughter of Wayan Cemeng and the manager of Pot & Terracotta, explained that during the past Covid-19 pandemic, it actually bore fruit and had an impact on her father’s business.

Even though the visitors were quiet affected by Covid, orders for plant media, pot & terracotta actually increased.

Made Indah Jayanthi in his management has sold these pot & terracotta to South Tangerang, South Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, the furthest to Sydney.


Come here and enjoy an art tour by taking a pot painting class, enjoying coffee, packaged rice at the Serayu stall and don’t forget to buy the pot too. Hopefully this review is useful for you.


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