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Adventures Offered by Province of Bali

Visa Bali – There is no doubt about fact that Bali is popular with amazing tourist destination. People decided to take this place as dreamed vacation spot. Province Bali is belongs to Indonesia’s country. It has several options for your vacations such beaches, mountain, arts, cultures and also plantation’s view. For people who wants to learn about cultures, Bali having Pura or temple and also sacred place which is having historical story. And then for people who loves nature scenery, Bali has mountain, waterfall and also plantation’s view that can make your feeling refresh after seeing them. And the most famous one is beaches in Bali island. Balinese island has a lot of beaches and offering interesting sea activities. Some of people interest on doing sea activities that boost their adrenaline.

Adventures You Can Do in Bali

In this article, we have collected information about sea activities you may try during your vacations in Bali island that might boost your adrenaline


  • Paragliding at Timbis Hill

Timbis hill located at Kutuh village, Badung, Bali island. This is one of the best spot for doing paragliding because the wind around here is quite friendly. You need to take 1 hour from Denpasar to reach timbis hill and feeling the exciting and thrilling paragliding sensation. You will get professional instructor if you afraid doing this alone. The best timing to do paragliding is before sunset. You’ll see beautiful nature feels more amazing.

  • Fly-boarding at Tanjung Benoa

One of the most popular tourist destination with water-sport is in Tanjung Benoa. This activity will help you to feel how becoming Iron-Man. Fly-boarding using special board and connected to a jet ski that ready to maneuver.

  • Wake-boarding at Tanjung Benoa

This is also interesting water sport at Tanjung Benoa which is quite popular in there. Wake boarding is combinations of surfing and playing skateboard at the sea by standing above the board and holding a rope attached to a speedboat traveling at 25 km/h.

  • Canyoning at Gitgit Falls

This kind of activity is really suitable for you for a real nature traveler. Most popular canyoning activity in Bali is Gitgit falls. Your adrenaline will be raised after doing exploring steep cliffs, tracking through muddy tracks, exploring rivers by boat rafting, and flying fox between two cliffs.

  • Rafting at Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River at Karang Asem, Bali belongs to river that having heavy water flow. Exploring the heavy water flow with 5 meters high of water, perfected by natural forest view will make your bored gone.


  • Water Tubing at Payangan River

Can you imagine down the river using tires with capacity only 1 person? It will be terrifying to try, right? You can try this activity on Payangan river, that located north side of Ubud, close to mount of batur.

  • All Terain Vehicle at Ubud

Doing the normal vacations at Ubud such seeing art gallery, or enjoying the shows are no longer enough to have best vacations you have. You can try ATV Ride or all terain vehicle as new activity during your trip. ATV ride is driving experience using an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) on a muddy and steep track to explore the natural beauty of Taro Village, Ubud.

  • Jump Cliff and Slide at Aling-Aling Waterfall

Do’nt miss to visit aling-aling waterfall if you have vacation in Bali island. This waterfall having natural scenery accompanied by steep cliffs, lush trees and clear water. Things you can do in here is jump cliff from the upper part of waterfall high in 12 meters to the bottom side of the river and then sliding on the waterfall. Its fun, isn’t?

Make sure to prioritize the safety by using safety tools, and always follow the attention from the instructor or guide.

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