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About Kuningan Day in Bali

kuningan day
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Visa Bali Info – Kuningan Day.

Hindus do not have international holidays that are celebrated simultaneously from various countries. Hindu teachings are spiritual and even the Vedic scriptures do not regulate the celebration of the big day.

Hindu festivals are held as a celebration of local wisdom or a commemoration of local events that occur.

But literally, this Kuningan Day can be interpreted as a day that celebrates the victory of dharma against adhara. The day when Hindus celebrate the victory of good over evil.

The meaning of Kuningan Day

Sang Hyang Parama Wisesa are holy spirits and dharma heroes who are instrumental in shaping human morals to be noble.

Kuningan Day is a holiday commemorating the greatness of Sang Hyang Widhi in the form of Sang Hyang Parama Wisesa.

On Kuningan Day, Hindus pray to the gods and their ancestors. This prayer is done by preparing offerings filled with yellow ajengan (rice).

The yellow Ajengan is a symbol of prosperity. This is interpreted as a form of gratitude because he has bestowed his grace for prosperity in this world.

History of Kuningan Day

kuningan day
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The Kuningan Day celebration is held every 210 days on Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Kuningan day or 10 days after Galungan Day.

Yellow in the word Kuningan has the meaning of yellow and the 12th wuku. Wuku is a Balinese calendar where 1 wuku is equal to 7 days. In 1 year in the Wuku calendar there are 420 days.

The history of the start of Galungan and Kuningan celebrations is the victory of good over evil.

It is narrated in history that there was a war between Bhatara Indah and Mayadenawa. Bhatara Indah symbolizes dharma (truth) while Mayanadewa symbolizes adharma (evil).

This battle was won by Bhatara Indah so that the Galungan and Kuningan celebrations were interpreted as a celebration of victory.

4 Facts About Kuningan Day

kuningan day
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1. Different from Galungan

Reporting from the journal entitled The Philosophical Meaning of Sugian Java and Sugian Bali by Wayan Musna, Galungan is a series of ten-day celebrations held every six months based on a kukuwon.

Kuningan is a celebration that falls on the tenth day of the Galungan Holy Day. This celebration is interpreted as a celebration of the victory of dharma against adharma.

However, even though it fell at different times, Kuningan is a series with Galungan.

2. Meaning of Kuningan Day

Kuningan Day is also known as Tumpek Kuningan. This holiday is a time of worship to the god Pitara.

This worship aims to ask for safety, firmness of faith, protection, as well as outward and inner guidance.

On Kuningan Day, Balinese Hindus believe Bhatara and Pitara descend to earth only until noon. Therefore, celebrations are usually held until noon.

3. The Return of the Ancestral Spirits to Heaven

Hindus in Bali believe that gods and ancestral spirits descend to earth on Galungan Holy Day to meet their descendants.

They then return to heaven on Kuningan Day after meeting their children and grandchildren on earth.

Therefore, the Kuningan Day is carried out by giving a number of offerings as provisions for the ancestors who returned to heaven.

4. There is a Mesuryak tradition in the village of Pakraman Bongan Gede

Mesruyak is a ceremony held to coincide with Kuningan Day. This ceremony is held to coincide with Kuningan Day (10 days after Galungan Day) every 6 months with the aim of giving offerings or provisions to their ancestors who descended on Galungan Day and returned to nirvana on Kuningan Day.

Mesruyak itself means shouting. This illustrates the joy felt by the community in the event. Pakraman Bongan Gede Village is located in Bongan Village, Tabanan, Bali.


So many cultures and traditions were born in Bali, this is very good for your insight, especially for those of you who want to introduce them to children.

Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day to all Hindus in Bali !

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