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Bali is a paradise for travelers, apart from providing attractive tourist attractions. Bali is also a paradise for culinary hunters. Starting with traditional dishes, Nusantara to western dishes. But have you tried Balinese street food? We will provide some descriptions of typical Balinese street food dishes as follows:

Nasi campur 

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Nasi Campur, as the name implies, is a popular street food. Served as rice mixed with vegetables, meat, and eggs. A staple food in many Southeast Asian countries, nasi campur, is prepared differently by almost every vendor.

Jaje Bali 

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Jaje is a term for various cakes sold at night markets or traditional markets. Jaje Bali is the embodiment of what Balinese cuisine means. Made from glutinous rice flour and sprinkled with generous amounts of grated coconut and palm sugar, this delicacy is not to be missed. Adhering to traditional Balinese cuisine, this cake is made of glutinous rice and flour and wrapped in banana leaves, giving it a different impression and taste.

Nasi Jinggo 

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It is the most popular street food in Bali among Balinese people. This dish can be found in every corner of Bali and is considered a quick and easy breakfast option. Nasi Jinggo comes in small portions. Because the rice is wrapped in banana leaves, most vendors sell it as is. Served with an egg, fried noodles, and chili sauce, this dish is delicious despite its small size.

Meatball (bakso)

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This one dish is not only popular in Bali but has become a typical Indonesian street food dish. Made from beef and can also be made from fish, it can be served as a light meal or together with soup and noodles. Meatballs, besides being served directly, can also be found in ready-to-eat frozen packages. Usually made using minced beef, tapioca flour, and salt, some variants can also use pork, chicken, or shrimp.


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Like meatballs, satay is one of the most popular street foods in Bali and Indonesia as a whole. Literally translating to grilled meat on bamboo sticks, sate can be made from chicken, pork, goat, rabbit, etc. Turtle meat satay is only prepared during special ceremonies. Usually served with sweet soy sauce or peanut sauce, this dish is perfect as an afternoon snack. Most of the vendors at the night market offer rice accompaniment.


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This dish can be found in Balinese warungs. Lawar gets its distinctive taste from the young jackfruit used to make it. It can be served with a side of Babi Guling or roasted pork. Lawar, which is traditionally made, uses blood to make it, hence the red color. A sizable meal dish made of rice, vegetables, coconut, minced meat, and spices

Terang Bulan

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Terang Bulan is a type of pancake that is unique, not only in Bali but also in other parts of Indonesia. This delicacy, believed to have been invented by General Tso, a military leader of the late Qing dynasty, has a rich past. It is made like a traditional pancake, with coconut milk and coconut margarine giving it a Balinese signature. Usually sprinkled with crushed peanuts, sugar, and sweet corn kernels, this dish is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Balinese Coffee 

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Bali coffee is known for the best quality of coffee, and the delicious aroma of coffee will surely awaken your taste buds gently. This popular drink among the locals is usually sold at stalls early in the morning. To get the freshest-quality brew, try to taste it directly at the shop that has opened.


Hunting for culinary delights in Bali is like exploring the local culture. Don’t hesitate to try the many new things that Bali offers, just like its culinary delights.

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