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8 Trekking in Bali for Nature Lovers

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If you think Bali is only about beaches and entertainment, it seems that our thoughts will be wrong. Bali also turns out to be a paradise for you nature lovers and far from being a tourist.

Bali is not just about enjoying cocktails at the beach club, but also an option for hikers seeking solitude in the highlands.

Hillsides, forests, rice fields, waterfalls to secluded temples will be your ideal place to be at one with nature.

Here are 8 trekking in Bali with trekking and climbing routes that we can recommend ;

Mount Agung 

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Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali, reaching 3,142 meters above sea level.

Trekking tours in Bali at Mount Agung are also mostly done for sunrise trekking. There are two hiking trails to choose from. However, most tourists go through the Besakih Temple route.

To climb to this mountain, you need a guide or tour guide. By paying for a guide, you usually get facilities such as flashlights, trekking poles, and even breakfast.

Mount Batur

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Mount Batur is not too high, which is only about 1,717 meters above sea level. So this trekking trip only takes approximately 2 hours.

This mountain is often visited by tourists who are curious about the natural panorama of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. On this mountain also many tourists do sunrise trekking.

West Bali National Park

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With an area of ​​190 square kilometers and a buffer zone in the east of 580 square kilometers, this national park covers 10 percent of the island of Bali.

With the supervision and guidance of an experienced ranger, you can enjoy its captivating nature. Starting from the forest, hills and beaches can be explored on foot.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Campuhan Hill itself is a hill with a fairly gentle valley and filled with weeds. From there you can find beautiful natural scenery, complete with hills and beautiful rivers.

This most instagenic trekking trail promises stunning views at sunrise and sunset.

Although it looks like beautiful hills, reaching it is not difficult. The path to Campuhan is clearly visible on the side of Jalan Raya Ubud.

Bali Jungle Trekking

Located on the lake buyan, Bali Junge Trekking will take you through the tropical forest of Bedugul which is distinctive and shady.

The tropical forest here is very beautiful and still hidden. So that the impression of adventure will really be obtained.

To be able to do trekking in Bali Jungle Trekking, you need an instructor who can be obtained from several tour packages.

At Strawberry Farm

This strawberry picking tour near Lake Beratan can be used as an alternative for outbound tourism as well as a unique agro-tourism.

Besides being able to pick strawberries and outbound with the team, you can also do trekking in this tourist area.

Secret Garden

This forest in North Bali is nicknamed the secret garden thanks to its location which is quite far from the highway. There are four waterfalls that can be enjoyed here although there are actually seven in total.

However, local officials only allow visitors to enjoy four because the terrain is easier to pass, namely Aling-Aling, Kroya, Cemara and Pucuk waterfalls.

Subak Sok Wayah

The Subak Sok Wayah area is located not far from Campuhan Hill. Kaliaj can breathe the typical rural air while enjoying the sound of the gurgling water of the subak between the rice fields.

Palm trees that thrive between the paths add to the beautiful atmosphere in this area. The atmosphere of this trekking will make you feel so calm.


Prepare your stamina and physical strength to do this trekking tour. Especially when you want to enjoy the sunrise over the mountain.

Although it requires not easy preparation, it will be worth what you will get when you arrive at your trekking destination.

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