8 Recommended Lodging with Nature in Bali

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Hi travelers? You’re looking for a place to stay that has a different feel when you’re on vacation, maybe you should try lodging with a natural feel.

By trying accommodations with natural nuances, your peace of mind while on vacation will increase.

If you are on vacation in Bali and want to get accommodations that have a natural nuance, check out our 8 recommendations about lodging or hotels that have natural nuances.

1. Firefly Eco Lodge

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Firefly Eco Lodge is here to satisfy your adventurous spirit with a thatched roof, wilderness atmosphere and rooms that are far above ground level.

There is a large swing overlooking the green rice fields and beautiful trees. Suitable for those of you who like instagramable.

2. Villa Pererepan (Awang-Awang)

Villa Pererepan or commonly called villa awang-awang is located in the Petanu River valley. The structure of the Pererepan villa building uses bamboo. In addition, the construction of this villa uses the calculation of the golden ratio.

This calculation will create harmony and beautiful building proportions. The beauty and artistic value found in the interior of this Pererepan villa proves the success of the golden ratio.

3. NewEarth Haven Eco Dome

NewEarth Haven is a property featuring two bio-archecture domes. The dome is surrounded by rice fields and uses the renewable technology of touch panel lighting and wifi. With adequate facilities, you can still work in the midst of the natural beauty of Bali.

4. Zen Hideaway

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And the main attraction of this hidden place is a swing that overlooks a panoramic view of the jungle and rows of coconut trees.

As far as the eye can see what appears in front of you when swinging is the Ayung River, valleys, waterfalls, rice fields and the majestic Mount Agung.

The rooms have a semi-open concept, so you can breathe in the fresh air of the Ubud countryside every day.

5. Four Seasons Sayan

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This luxurious and spacious villa features a lotus pond, a meditation room and panoramic views of rice fields and the immersive Ayung River.

Resort located in the middle of the wilderness where the sound of the rushing river will accompany your nights. Perfect for those who want to find peace.

Here, there are many facilities and program of activities, this will really make your vacation moment memorable.

6. De Moksha Boutique Resort & Restaurant

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De Moksha Resort is located near Tanah Lot Temple, one of the favorite locations in Bali to watch the sunset.

Each villa here has an open bathroom made of natural stone. If you like yoga, be prepared to fall in love with the yoga place which is open and designed to resemble a leaf. It must be nice to be able to do yoga while being surrounded by a beautiful expanse of rice fields.

7. Balian Treehouse, Balian Beach

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This tiny tree house hut is hidden away in Balian Village, near the coast. The decor in this treehouse is almost entirely natural, like wood picked up from the beach.

If you want to go anywhere while still in the village area, you can do it on foot. But if you intend to go further outside the village, you can rent a bicycle here.

A variety of delicious and cheap local food can be found at the night market which is not too far away. To get to the beach, just follow a small dirt road straight from the tree house.

8. Ulaman Eco-Retreat Resort


Ig by @Ulamanbali

Ulaman Eco-Retreat Resort is built using bamboo. In addition to bamboo, rammed earth is also used for the walls of the resort’s ground floor. Rammed earth is an alternative material to concrete and is much more environmentally friendly.

Even with natural materials, the whole building looks very luxurious with its curved roof. This luxury resort has complete facilities, including a yoga studio and swimming pool.

Tired of the city atmosphere, the 8 recommendations for environmentally friendly hotels above will make your vacation more meaningful. Hopefully our recommendations above can be useful for you.

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