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8 Best Tourist Attractions in Buleleng

Visa Bali Info – Tourist Attractions in Buleleng

Maybe some of you know the island of Bali only in tourist locations in the south, such as Badung Regency with the Kuta area, or Gianyar Regency with the Ubud area only.

Shift to the northern region of Bali Island, Buleleng. You will find another paradise in Bali. Stunning beaches, lakes, and exotic waterfalls.

Have you ever heard that in the Bali area, there are dolphins swimming freely in the sea? Precisely at Lovina Beach, this beach is in the Buleleng area.

To complete our list of what tourist attractions in Buleleng you should visit when you go to Bali, we will provide 8 recommendations for the best tourist attractions in Buleleng, including;

Buleleng Lovina Beach

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As you know, this beach is a habitat for dolphins. The condition of the sea, which is still beautiful and free from hunting, makes dolphins free to be on this beach.

Make sure if you want to see dolphins to come in the morning, because the dolphins will usually swim around playing. You can rent a boat that is usually rented out by fishermen here.

Buyan Lake

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Lake Buyan is the largest lake compared to Lake Tamblingan and Lake Beratan. Located in the Sukasada sub-district, the lake is one of the “triple lakes” located in a large caldera that occupies 490 hectares of area.

If you visit Lake Buyan, feel free to stop by the other two lakes around it. While on this lake, you can fish and camp.

Gitgit Waterfall

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For those of you who have a hobby of trekking, this tourist destination is perfect for beginners. The location is not too far from the Aling-Aling waterfall and not far from the road that connects Denpasar, Singaraja, and Bedugul. The height of the Gitgit waterfall itself is 48 meters, reached via a winding path.

Ulun Danu Buyan Temple

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When you visit Lake Buyan, don’t forget to visit the Ulun Danu Buyan Temple.

Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the temple by capturing it with photos. With the background of Ulun Lake Buyan Temple, it will be very enchanting. The photos will be even more interesting when there are ceremonial activities at this temple.

Bali Handara Gate

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Actually, this is just a gate that stands firm with its unique design. This gate does not even lead to any tourist sites in Bali, but is only a gate to the golf course.

The combination of traditional Balinese gate designs, often referred to as “Candi Bentar,” with an open green area around them makes this location crowded with visitors because it has a truly Instagramable location.

Gili Putih Beach, Sumberkima

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The beach is unique because it is separated from the mainland and is often used as a stopover when crossing to Menjangan Island. The next uniqueness is that this area will vary in size according to the tides and ebb of sea water.

For those of you who like locations away from the crowds, this beach is for you. With an area that is not too broad but has clean white sand.

Pemuteran Beach

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This beach is intended for those of you who love snorkeling and diving. This beach is still relatively quiet from visitors, you will get more peace than when you are in a tourist location in the southern Bali region.

Wanagiri Peak

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With a backdrop of natural scenery like the green valley, Lake Buyan, and the blue sky. You will feel at home here for a long time.

Enjoy selfies above the height of the viewing post, which was deliberately built for selfie spots.


Those are 8 recommendations for tourist attractions that you can visit while in Buleleng, Bali. Which tourist location is your favorite? Enjoy your holiday, OK?

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