7 Choices of White Sand Beaches in Bali

Visa Bali Info – White Sand Beaches in Bali

Bali Island, as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, one of which is white sand beaches.

Most of the white sand beaches in Bali are located in tourist areas in southern Bali.

If you want to explore the island of Bali by visiting beautiful white sand beaches, we will provide 7 recommendations for beautiful white sand beaches for you besides Kuta beach!

Sanur Beach

White Sand Beaches
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The beach was first discovered and introduced to the world through a painting by a Belgian painter, Le Mayeur, in 1937.

Sanur Beach, located facing east, is one of the best beaches to see the sunrise.

Apart from being a marine tourism object, Sanur Beach is also famous for being the location of the crossing from Bali to the island of Nusa Penida.

Pandawa Beach

White Sand Beaches
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It has fine and clean white sand, and the road access to the beach looks smooth and big. When you head to this beach, you will see a big sign that reads “Pandawa Beach,” which is right on the cliff leading to the beach.

The sea waves on Pandawa Beach are so calm and small that they are very suitable for canoeing and swimming.

Melati Beach

White Sand Beaches
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Melasti Beach has white sand with a slightly coarse, slightly yellowish sand texture. With clear sea water, this place is also very suitable for swimming or just sitting on the beach.

When you want to go to this beach, you have to be a little patient because the road to this beach is a winding road that is above the towering white limestone cliffs.

When you arrive at this beach, you will be greeted by rows of statues of Balinese female dancers lining this beach park and three gates. The best photo spot location isn’t it!

Dreamland Beach

White Sand Beaches
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Dreamland Beach is also known as New Kuta Beach. This beach not only has white sand, but also towering white cliffs along the shoreline.

This beach is one of the targets of surfers, because it has quite big waves. When you go to this beach with children, you have to pay extra attention to them while playing on the beach.

Padang-Padang beach

White Sand Beaches
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Padang-Padang beach has another name, namely Labuan Sait beach. This beach is also a favorite of surfers because the waves are quite large.

The waters at Padang-Padang beach are not too deep, and there are lots of mossy rocks around the shoreline area.

To be able to access the shoreline from the vehicle parking area, you have to go down some stairs and go through a small cave passage.

Suluban Beach

White Sand Beaches
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Still a favorite of surfers, this white sand beach has a hidden location.

With that hidden location, Suluban Beach is one of the main attractions of this beach, with two large rocks flanking the entrance to the beach as if it were the gate.

This location is used as a photo spot for visitors. Visitors who like to take photos in this aesthetic rock tunnel.

Kuta beach

White Sand Beaches
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This legendary beach, as I’m sure you all already know, has a white sand beach and is located in the center of Denpasar, Bali.

Apart from the white sand beaches, the waves on Kuta Beach are quite large, so for those of you who like surfing, this place is perfect for you.

In the afternoon, from the Kuta coastline, visitors will be able to see the beautiful sunset view.


Relaxing on the beach, taking pictures, surfing, and enjoying the sunset by the beach will make your vacation day so memorable and leave the best moments with your loved ones.

Hopefully our selection of 7 white sand beaches above can make recommendations for you when you want to visit Bali.

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