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6 Reasons Bali Becomes The Best Surfing Location


Bali`s Best Surfing Location –


Bali Island as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, one of which is white sand beaches. Not only in the form of beautiful white sand, beaches with exotic black sand offer a million beauty, especially waves for surfers. There are also many beaches in Bali that offer an atmosphere that is still quiet and with the sound of the waves, so it’s only natural that surfers can spend a long time surfing. Even international events for surfers are also often held on Bali beaches. Here are 6 reasons why Bali is a favorite place for surfers and has the best spots for surfing, see !

Friendly for beginner surfers 

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There are many schools for you to learn to surf in Bali, so for those of you beginners, don’t hesitate to try taking this class. Even the instructors are all professional, there is also a level of learning for surfing. Many beaches in Bali are suitable for beginners. Among them are Padang Padang, Balangan, and Dreamland beaches.

Surf all year round 


Surfers can enjoy year-round surfing activities in Bali. Indonesia’s tropical climate really supports this atmosphere. Usually the dry months June to September are the busiest for surfers. In the rainy season, the situation on the island of Bali is different from the situation in other Southeast Asia, it is not uncommon for professionals to still use it to test their surfing skills.

Lots of things to do besides surfing 


The underwater biota of the island of Bali cannot be doubted for its beauty. Like in the Nusa Dua area, you can enjoy the underwater beauty by diving and snorkeling. You can also do other water sports which are usually offered by several tourism facilities in the local location. In locations other than the beach, you can come to the highlands like Kintamani. You can enjoy the green of the mountainous area while enjoying typical Kintamani coffee while relaxing looking at Mount Agung.

Well-established and thriving surf culture 

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Don’t think that when you come to this small island, you think Bali is “small”. Uniquely, everyone in Bali knows about surfing and surfers come from all over the world just to enjoy these amazing waves. It is estimated that since the 1970s, surfing has existed in Bali until now many have developed professional surfing schools.

The beaches in Bali offer all levels of surfers 


Having beautiful beaches and being the usual location for surfers to spend their holidays or practice, Bali has levels for surfers. For professional surfers, you can try going to Canggu beach, or around Uluwatu. 

On a budget 


Surfers usually take advantage of accommodation that is located close to the beach. Bali offers friendly lodging for backpackers to luxury resorts. Bali has an impressive selection of luxury hotels, resorts and spas for surfers coming from abroad and maybe even domestic surfers. 


Make sure you come to Bali during the dry season, so you can enjoy surfing or even other water sports. Enjoying the sunset by the beach after surfing while enjoying a thirst quenching drink seems to be the most comfortable position for you to relax.

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