6 Healthy Food Concept Restaurants in Bali, Anywhere? Check it out !

Bali Visa Info – Healty Food.

When you are on vacation in Bali and you are a vegetarian or are on a healthy diet, it will definitely be difficult to find food restaurants that offer healthy food.

Or those of you who are bored with oily food, such as fried rice, fried noodles and other foods.

At this time we will review several restaurants with the concept of healthy food. For details, see the following reviews of 6 restaurants with healthy food concepts in Bali;

1. The Shady Shack

healthy food
Ig @theshadyshack

The courtyard around The Shady Shack is planted with a variety of plants, increasing appetite and mood. Because the concept of this cafe makes you feel like you are enjoying food at home.

The menu offered by The Shady Shack consists of a variety of healthy drinks such as kombucha, mixed juices, and probiotic drinks.

For the food menu, don’t miss the delicious burger with local wisdom made from tempeh.

Address :

Jalan Tanah Barak 53, Canggu, Badung.

Operational hour :

Every day, 07.30-21.00 WITA.

Price :

IDR 100,000 – IDR 200,000 per person.

2. Mai3 Cafegan (vegan, gluten free)

healthy food
Ig @mai3.veggie.kitchen

Here you can experience Chinese-flavoured vegan cuisine. This cafe offers pure vegan food without gluten and preservatives.

The most favorite menu here is Mie Mai3, which is homemade noodles that have three colors and are made from pumpkin, spinach and sweet potatoes, then served with mushroom satay and chili sauce.

For the western menu, there is a Mushroom Burger (mushroom burger) with soy-based cheese sauce. They also have amazing homemade pizza.

Then there is a fruit spring rolls menu whose contents are a combination of dragon fruit, banana and jackfruit.

Address :

Jl. Diponegoro No. 8C Pesanggaran, Denpasar.

Operational hour:

Every day, 06.00 – 23.00 WITA


Between IDR 10,000 – IDR 90,000 per person

3. The Elephant Restaurant

healthy food
Ig @theelephantubud

This restaurant is merged into one with the Taman Indrakila Hotel. Because it operates from the morning, The Elephant Restaurant has a breakfast menu.

The Elephant Restaurant has a special and delicious menu that is intended for children, very suitable for you to invite your family.

Address :

Jalan Raya Sangggingan, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar.

Operational hour :

Monday-Tuesday, 12.00-20.00 WITA

Wednesday-Sunday, 09.00-21.30 WITA

Price :

IDR 100,000 – IDR. 200,000 per person.

4. Machinery Cafe

healthy food
Ig @machinerycafe

While Machinery Cafe is not a vegetarian-only place to eat, it does have an impressive selection of healthy foods on its menu, such as creative fruit combinations in bowls.

There is a Dragon Bowl menu, a large bowl filled with muesli, sliced ​​dragon fruit and bananas, and a sprinkling of chia seeds.

There is a Green Detox Juice menu, made from pineapple, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, mint, and lime. What makes this vitamin-rich drink can give you vitality in your body and energy for activities throughout the day.

Address :

Batu Bolong Beach Street no 35, Canggu, Bali

Operational hour :

Every day, 07.30 – 20.00 WITA

Price :

IDR 18,000 – IDR 99,000 per person.

5. Grocer & Grind

If you come here at breakfast you can order the Coconut Bowl, which is pieces of fruit with nuts, bee pollen, sugar cane and orange sorbet served in young coconut shells.

If you guys come for a light lunch or dinner. Maybe you can try the favorite of many people, the Roast Pumpkin Salad served with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Address :

Jalan Kayu Jati 3X, Petitenget Beach, Seminyak, Bali.

Operational hour :

Every day, 07.00 – 10.00 WITA

Price :

IDR 20,000 – IDR 110,000 per person.

6. The Owl

You might like this place with a wide selection of healthy food and accompanied by live band performances.

If you are a smoothie lover, order one of their menus made from dragon fruit, banana and yogurt.

Address :

Jl. Tamblingan Lake No. 50, Sanur, Denpasar 80227.

Operational hour :

Every hafi, 08.00 – 22.00 WITA

Price :

IDR 15,000 – IDR 70,000 per person


So there is no reason to get healthy food while on vacation in Bali. Hopefully the information about healthy food places above can be useful for you.

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