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4 Family Vacation Places Worth To Visit in Bali

family vacationBali Visa Info – At the end of the semester, children will usually demand their parents to go on family vacation. Or when the end of the year before Christmas, many of them are planning a vacation with their family. For families who don’t have budget problems, some of them will choose foreign tourist destinations. But not a few of them are planning to go on vacation to Bali island. Bali island is very famous for its natural beauty. This place is not only popular for couples who want to have perfect honeymoon, but also family vacations with children. There are many tourist attractions for families such as safari parks, zoos, or water bombs that can be found on this beautiful island. Especially now that Indonesia has opened its doors to foreign tourists, so this is a good opportunity for you and your family to start planning a vacation to Bali island. There is nothing wrong with looking for some information where you will go to spend vacation time with your beloved family members. Here we have summarized information about recommended tourist attractions on Bali island.

Water Sports in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is one of the tourist destinations in Bali that has many things to explore. If children usually play on the beach they will just play in the water or build sand castles on the beach, and this will be different in this place. There are various water sports that are safe and can be tried for children such as jet skiing, banana boating and also fly boarding. This must be really fun to try. However, there is an age limit for children to be able to do water sports here, only children over the age of 6 are allowed to try these games.

Hot Balloon Air Experience in Ubud

In Ubud there is a place for a family vacation where all family members can try to ride a hot air balloon, cool right! Children will definitely be very excited to try this new adventure. You can enjoy new adventures, and be enhanced with views of the rice fields around Ubud. The green scenery that refreshes the eyes and the dazzling blue sky will complete your day!

family vacationBali Zoo

A must-visit tourist spot if you are on vacation with children is Zoo! At Bali Zoo you can see a variety of beautiful flora and fauna. If the kids want, they can try feeding the animals at close range. There are 2 very interesting activities that can be done at the Bali Zoo, namely breakfast with the orangutans and also taking a mud bath with the elephants. Fun, isn’t it?

Splash Waterpark Experience

Kids are really love to have amusement parks on their vacation.  How come? The weather on the island of Bali is known to be very hot, and children always love everything about water. This place can be included in your vacation schedule that you must visit! This Splash Waterpark Experience is located in Canggu, North Kuta and pretty close to Finns Recreation Club and Finns Beach Club. There is a very interesting thing in this place, namely a Giant Racer with a height of 5 meters and a length of 90 meters. It must be fun playing there! There are also other rides that can be enjoyed such as the Super Bowl, which is a giant slide with a bowl-shaped tip. A very unique game!

Well, some of the information above hopefully can help you planning your vacation to Bali island after the doors of Indonesian state have been opened for foreign tourists. If you need help getting to this beautiful island, please contact us immediately!

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