3 Best Beach Clubs in Kuta

Visa4bali – Beach Clubs in Kuta. Enjoying the beauty of natural scenery is indeed one of the most effective drugs to relieve stress and fatigue. This has been done by many people and has proven to be effective. Especially now, after almost 2 years we are all experiencing regional restrictions and social distancing due to the covid-19 virus.

For approximately 2 years, everyone did not travel for fear of being exposed to the covid virus. But now the situation has changed, now Bali has re-opened to foreign tourists. So for those of you who really miss the beauty of Bali’s natural scenery, especially those of you who really miss the smell of the beach, now is the time to reschedule your vacation plans.

beach clubs in kutaNow specifically for this article, we will discuss about tourism in the Kuta area. Kuta is one of the main areas for the problem of beautiful tourism in Bali. Here there are many beautiful and interesting places to visit. One of the places that are currently very hits and popular is Beach Club Kuta.

This place is a favorite for many people because here, besides the visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise or sunset on the beach, they can also enjoy cold drinks such as cocktails, swimming to entertainment shows at night.

Here we have summarized some of the popular beach clubs in the Kuta area so that you can add to your list of favorite beach clubs.

3 Best Beach Clubs in Kuta

  • Tropicola Beach Club

If you are looking for a beach club in Kuta that has free entry fees and has a affordable menu, then Tropicola must be on your list! This beach club is located in the Seminyak area. One of the advantages of Tropicola beach club is that you can enjoy a direct view of the beach. This place is the perfect choice for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach while enjoying a cold and fresh drink.

The menu served here is quite affordable, so you can enjoy delicious food and drinks as you like without having to think about expensive costs. Like other beach clubs, here you can enjoy live DJ music played by professional DJs. The swimming pool at this beach club is so wide, and equipped with a unique buoy shaped like a watermelon.

  • Omnia Day Beach Club

This place is located in the South Kuta area, and is one of the most popular beach clubs and is visited by many tourists. This Beach Club opens at 11 am. The operating hours of this beach club will be different on weekdays and weekends. If weekdays, this place will close at 8 pm, but on weekends this place closes at 10 pm. Omnia Day Beach Club offers a beautiful view of the beach that you can enjoy from the top of the cliff!

The relaxed atmosphere, combined with good music and delicious food, you can enjoy them at once. For those of you who just want to come there to take pictures without eating and drinking are also allowed, but still have to pay the entrance fee.

  • Ku De Ta Bali

This beach club is located in Seminyak, and is also one of the favorites of tourists. Even Ku De Ta Bali is one of the best beach bars in the world. Lots of foreign tourists from various countries dominate this beach club. Here, you will be able to enjoy music played by professional DJs with various genres such as house music to hip hop.

There are various foods and drinks on offer that you can choose from to complete your time in Ku De Ta Bali. This place starts operating from 8 am to 2 am. Ku De Ta Bali beach club is always crowded by visitors every day, and will be more crowded on weekends.

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