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10 Typical Balinese Souvenirs You Must Bring Home

Balinese Souvenirs –

Visiting Bali isn’t quite right without bringing souvenirs for friends and family.

In the following, we recommend 10 items that you can make as souvenirs and must bring home after you visit Bali. Listen!

Barong t-shirt

Barong is an iconic figure from the Island of the Gods, Bali. This is one of the best-selling Balinese souvenirs bought by tourists.

Prices are relatively affordable, around IDR 29,000 to IDR 50,000. This shirt is also available in various sizes, from children’s to adult.

Milk pie

balinese souvenirs

Milk pie is a Balinese souvenir that must be purchased, a combination of milk and eggs as a filling. So, this food has a sweet and savory taste.

In the past, this milk pie was often used as a prayer cake and for family events as a snack. The price is quite cheap, each fruit is only priced at around IDR 1-3 thousand rupiah and is usually packaged in a big box.

Balinese Spa Products

balinese souvenirs

Apart from mushrooming hotels, Bali is also known for its spa locations, which have many choices for your needs.

It’s no wonder that Balinese spa products have positioned themselves as one of the souvenirs that you should bring home.

The form of the product is like body lotion or perfume. Typical Balinese spa products, such as bottled perfumes, are sold at prices ranging from IDR 200-400 thousand.

Balinese jogger

Joger is one of the favorite places that you must visit while on vacation in Bali. Here you will find many typical souvenirs made by hikers.

There are clothes, key chains, sandals, and other knickknacks with unique words.

Balinese cloth

balinese souvenirs

The cloth here is not a traditional cloth that can cost hundreds of thousands to millions, the Balinese cloth in question is a cloth that is usually sold in coastal areas.

The cool Balinese fabric combined with bright patterns and colors makes this fabric look beautiful.

Types and motifs of Balinese fabrics, ranging from endek, gringsing, rangrang, polleng, and prada. In addition, this cloth is also usually used when visiting sacred places or temples in Bali (to maintain modesty in clothing). Generally, the market price of Balinese cloth is IDR 20-40 thousand.

Kintamani Coffee

balinese souvenirs
Ig by @kopisoh2017

You coffeeholics, Kintamani coffee can be a souvenir that you shouldn’t miss. Kintamani coffee has a taste and aroma that tend to be citrusy. Often also added with a hint of chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar.

Uniquely, Kintamani coffee also does not have the taste and aroma of spices typical of other types of coffee in Indonesia. The price for this coffee varies, but is around IDR 100,000 per 100 g.

Balinese Handicrafts

balinese souvenirs
Ig by @tasrotan.bali

There are many interesting Balinese handicrafts that can be used as souvenirs. ranging from key chains, hats, rattan bags, miniatures, and others. With a fairly affordable price.

Balinese painting

balinese souvenirs
Ig by @lukisan_sukawati

This one souvenir does sound exclusive, and only certain people will bring this work of art home. For lovers of painting, this is an item that must be brought home from Bali.

There are various styles of Balinese painting, starting from the styles of Ubud, Sanur, where most of the drawings are inspired by everyday life and the sea. The price also varies, some are from tens to millions of Rupiah.

Balinese Batik

balinese souvenirs
Ig by @yusika_batiknatra

Usually Balinese people wear batik clothes during traditional ceremonies and religious rituals. Balinese batik is also usually made with a loom instead of a machine.

Balinese batik motifs display objects from Balinese nature, such as Balinese ornaments, fish, birds, and others. The price ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Bali Beans

balinese souvenirs
Ig by @kacangmannabali

This is part of the culinary souvenirs that you can bring home, Balinese peanuts are a special food, like roasted salted peanuts, disco beans, koro beans, and many more.

Currently, Bali peanuts are packaged in attractive packaging. The price is priced starting from IDR 11 thousand – 30 thousand per 200 g.


What you need to remember is that the prices listed above are subject to change at any time. Hopefully the above reviews are useful for you.

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