10 Rare Fruits in Bali

Visa Bali Info – Rare Fruits in Bali

Bali is blessed with natural beauty that really makes anyone who comes very impressed with the situation.

The best tourist spots might even be the culinary ones. But do you know about the fruit that comes from Bali? But now this fruit that comes from Bali is getting rare.

We will provide a discussion about this increasingly rare fruit from Bali, at least there are 10 rare fruits, including;

1. Badung

Before ripe, the badung fruit is green, and when the fruit is ripe, it will be orange. With a sweet and sour fruit taste.

With the shape of a tall tree with straight stems and leaves that are almost similar to banyan leaves but rather wide.

2. Mundeh (Mundu)

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The fruit, which is round in shape like a ping pong ball, at a glance is similar to the mangosteen tree, even the leaves are similar.

To be able to tell that this fruit is ripe, the skin of this fruit will be bright yellow and smooth.

This fruit has a sweet and sour taste. This fruit is rarely found and usually grows wild.

3. Kingkit Orange

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Like citrus trees in general, when it is ripe, this orange fruit is maroon. The unique thing is that this little orange can be used as cough medicine, and the taste of this orange is like mint.

4. Kem

This kem fruit is small and has a sweet taste. The tree is similar to the pick when it was small.

Inside the fruit contains small seeds where the seeds are like guava seeds. It’s a shame that now it’s starting to disappear because this plant in the village is usually considered a nuisance shrub.

5. Boni Fruits

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The shape of this fruit is similar to that of grapes but smaller in size. If not ripe, this fruit is red, and if it is ripe, it will be black.

The existence of this fruit has begun to be cultivated, and this fruit is usually used as the main ingredient for fresh boni salad.

6. Gungung

Ig by @humas_susut_bali11

This fruit looks exactly like a strawberry, and the color is also a bright red. This fruit is also often referred to as the Bali strawberry.

What distinguishes this fruit from a strawberry is the plant and its leaves, because this mountain plant is like a shy princess with leaves like rose leaves and thorny stems.

7. Utu

Ig by @tinavonbima

This utu fruit is similar to jackfruit, but the fruit thorns are very soft. The fruit and seeds of utu are edible like the fruits and seeds of jackfruit. Uniquely, this fruit is also delicious to use in salads.

8. Sentul

Ig by @hijosfarm

Sentul fruit, or lute fruit, is quite difficult to eat because the skin is hard and difficult to open. To be able to eat this fruit, you have to break the skin by slamming it on the floor or a rock, or you can also pin it to the door.

This fruit is flat but tends to be round, golden yellow in color, and has fine hairs attached to the skin.

9. Ciplukan


The fruit is like a marble with a yellow color when it is ripe. On the outside, the fruit is wrapped in a thin skin, like a lantern.

The stem of this plant is similar to a tomato plant and has a sweet and sour fruit taste.

10. Bekul

At first glance, frozen fruit looks similar to green apples and has been widely cultivated in northern Bali. Frozen fruit has a soft and crunchy texture of fruit flesh compared to apples. No wonder many people say that this fruit is a Balinese apple.


From the names of the fruits above, have you ever heard of them? Hopefully the fruits that are starting to become rare can add to your knowledge about fruits from Bali.

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