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Here, 6 Recommended Yoga Places in Ubud

Visa4bali – Yoga Places in Ubud. Apart from being a tourist location with a myriad of holiday activities, Bali is also very famous as a relaxation center. Why? The island of Bali itself has a beauty and peace that makes people who are in it feel like in heaven. In Bali, there is an area that is famous as the center of health tourism in the world, Ubud area. Now because of this, currently so many new yoga places popping up in the area. If you plan to visit Bali and stop by or stay temporarily in Ubud, you are welcome to try health tourism by trying yoga.

For those of you who are yoga lovers, there are so many yoga places in the Ubud area that you can visit. Here we have summarized the places that you can try to visit in Ubud to do yoga

6 Recommended Yoga Places in Ubud

Blooming Lotus Yoga

For beginners who want to try doing yoga, you can try to come to Blooking Lotus Yoga. There are packages offered for 4 days 3 nights, where visitors can do as much yoga as they want! For those of you who have busy schedules and routines, come soon and try doing yoga here to get rid of all the fatigue in your mind. Blooming Lotus Yoga is located in Gianyar, Ubud and has different operating hours. To get information on the opening hours of this place, it is better to contact in advance.

Yoga Barn

This yoga place is located in the heart of Ubud, and always busy with visitors. If it’s just to do daily yoga classes, you don’t need to make a booking. Just come directly early to be able to get the place. At Yoga Barn there are 2 yoga studios for daily classes, and 3 studios for special yoga classes. Even here also provides overnight services for guests who want to stay here temporarily. This place is open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Radiantly Alive

This place has been open since 2012, and located in the center of the crowd in Ubud area. Radiantly Alive has 3 yoga studios, there is even a Sky Yoga Flow class where you will be taught yoga while hanging from a rope. This place is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 8 pm.

Naya Ubud

A fairly popular yoga place in Ubud is Naya Ubud. Located in a rice field area, this place was created with the aim that visitors who do yoga here can mingle with nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery and enhanced by the cool atmosphere around it. This place is also equipped with spa facilities. Naya Ubud is also located in the heart of Ubud, and open for 24 hours!

Yoga Places in Ubud

Taksu Yoga

If you’ve heard of monkey forest, this place is near with that area. It is located on the river that divides the monkey forest and Hanoman road. Taksu comes from the Balinese language which means the spirit of life that cannot be described. Here, people who do yoga assume that yoga is not actually a sport but a part of life. Can you imagine how peaceful it is trying to do yoga here?

Om Ham Retreat and Resort

This place is a yoga place with the most affordable price compared to others! Although the place is not located right in the heart of Ubud, this place has a lot of visitors. This place is super cool, because it is located right in the middle of the rice fields. Peace blends with nature, the cool atmosphere around you makes it easier for you to focus and concentrate. Although this place is a bit far from the city, the distance will pay off with the atmosphere and what you can get there.

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