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What is Teman Bus Bali? Knowing It More Here!

Bali Visa Info Teman Bus Bali. Lets discuss about one of the best recommendations for your transportation during your trip on Bali island. We have informed to all of you that our main service is for taking care your needs of Visa. You may read our articles about our services and what we are trying to offer to all of you. But we can still helps you about more information for having good service of your transportation. In Balinese island, there are so many options provides for you to choose for all needed you may need such as accommodation, transportation or even travel agencies that helps you to arrange for your staycation in Bali. One of the best recommendation for your transportation is call by ‘teman bus bali’. In english, this is mean Balinese bus friends.

teman bus

Teman Bus Bali and Its Goal

What do teman bus bali do? Teman bus bali is a program created by the Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia by providing implementations of Buy the service from the ministry. This program is for developing road based public transportation in urban areas that using reliable and non-cash-based telematics technology. This is created for improving safety, security and also the convenience of mobilizations for the tourists or the visitors. The main purpose of this program is about to have economical, easy, reliable and comfortable transportation. And that’s why this program is using minimum standard operations set by the government to make all the passengers inside the bus feeling safe.

Teman bus Bali is using bus as their vehicles, medium buses with capacity of 40 passengers and 20 seats. And then large buses with capacity for 60 passengers and 30 seats, and each of them are having 1 area for priority. One of the example for the safety on the bus is that this bus is completed with CCTV and alarm with sensors for the driver. You don’t need to worry about the cleanliness and the health protocols inside the bus. The teman bus bali put forward the comfort ability of the visitors as their priority. Everyone on the bus must to follow health protocol because we are still in the pandemic of covid19 by always wearing mask, bringing your own hand sanitizer and also keep the capacity of the bus 50%. TEMAN BUS provides very affordable rates, and you can use application on your mobile phone to get the information easily. This is information about routes, bus stops and departure schedules that make this program from the government for being best service of transportation in Indonesia country.

TEMAN BUS Advantages

teman bus

If you are in vacation on Bali island and planning to choose TEMAN BUS as your transportation, here are the advantages that you can get

  • Easy

    This program is supported by having mobile application that you can download on your phone store for free. And then you can check bus schedules, stops and etc by clicking button on your cellphone! Its really easy to use, isn’t it?

  • Comfortable

    The first priority of this bus program is for having safe and comfort transportation. So by having TEMAN BUS on your Balinese trip, you will have best buddies that will accompany you on this beautiful island by giving security, safety and comfort. The service is more perfect because this bus is applying health protocol as we are in covid19 pandemic.

Well, that was information about TEMAN BUS on Balinese island for you. You can try this facility when you have vacation or business meeting on Bali. If you choose it as your transportation, you will be the one who supports government’s program to create best service for transportation with affordable rates! Amazing isn’t it?

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