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What is Study Visa and How to Apply It

Visa4bali – Study Visa. The articles that have been discussed previously regarding visas are about work visas, business visas, or visas to vacation in Indonesia. But this time we will discuss about study visas. There are many students who are interested in studying abroad. The main thing besides academics and finances, a study visa is something that you must prepare carefully. You must have a study visa, even though your dream campus has accepted you there. So what exactly study visa is?

What is a Study Visa?

A study visa is a type of visa that is used by someone when going to study abroad. Is the function of this study visa same as other types of visas? Basically a visa is a residence permit in a country that is not origin country. However, this study visa is only valid for students while they are in their study period or only for a certain period.

A person who has this type of visa is only allowed to study, not allowed to do other activities such as doing business or working during the visa period is still valid. After a person is finished with their study period, then they must renew their residence permit by making a new type of visa such as a work visa or a visit visa. Usually each country has a different name and regulations, so make sure you check with the embassy of the destination country there.

study visaRequirements for Applying Study Visa

Then what needs to be prepared to be able to get this study visa? The procedures and requirements for applying study visa will vary from country to country, although they are broadly similar.

Therefore, you need to inquire in detail about the requirements for applying for a study visa in the destination country by contacting the country’s embassy office. So, here are the general requirements that are usually met by prospective students who will study abroad to apply for study visa

  • Passport that is still valid for at least the next 6 months. This passport must have at least 6 blank pages in it.
  • Submit proof that you have been accepted as a student at the destination school or university.
  • Submit proof of scholarship / college sponsorship. If you study abroad by paying for it personally and not because of a scholarship, then you must attach proof of your ability to pay for the study.
  • Make payments for the issuance of a study visa. The amount paid will vary according to the destination country.
  • Submit original education certificate
  • Submit a health certificate or a letter stating that you are free from certain diseases.
  • Attach the results of an English test such as IELTS or TOEFL or another language of the destination country.
  • Attach photos in accordance with the conditions requested such as using the size, number and background color according to the rules in each country.

Please note that all of the above procedures must be in English, or in the language of the destination country. After all the requirements above have been completed, you can apply for study visa at the embassy of the destination country by online. After you get confirmation, you will be asked to submit the original documents and interview. The process usually takes up to 3 weeks, or depending on the embassy. Try to take care of all the procedures above in advance, avoid filing at a tight time because if there are errors or documents that are lacking, there will be no time for revise it.

The current status of Indonesia has now opened its doors again for foreign nationals. And if you are interested in studying here, and have questions about visas, you can contact our customer care service which is always active for 24 hours!

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