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What Is Off Shore Visa? How Is It Different From Visa On Shore?

visa4bali – off shore visa. If in the previous article we have discussed what on shore visa is and also how to apply for on shore visa, this time let’s discuss another important type of visa, namely the understanding of off shore visa. Foreigners who want to enter the territory of Indonesia need a visa. This applies not only in Indonesia, but also in all countries in the world. Although there are some who have free visa entry, but still lots of countries require foreign tourists who enter the territory of their country to have a visa or residence permit. In addition to a passport, of course, this visa is one of the main things that must be prepared and completed before you arrive in a country.

off shore visaWhat is an Off Shore Visa and how is it different from an On Shore Visa?

For some people who have never dealt with visa processing, the terms off shore and on shore may sound very foreign to their ears. As a person who has the desire to tour beautiful places in the world, one of the place is Bali, you must understand the difference between off shore and on shore visa. Basically both are used to clarify the use of visas. In the previous article we only discussed the definition of onshore visa, but did not explain what an off shore visa is.

Off shore visa is a type of visa used by foreign tourists as a permit to enter the territory of Indonesia to stay within a certain time limit. While the onshore visa is a type of visa used to extend a residence permit in the territory of Indonesia. Off shore visa application is also done online without needing to do face-to-face. The main requirement to be able to apply for a visa is that the foreign citizen must have a guarantor who is an Indonesian citizen and lives in Indonesian territory. For the requirements to apply for a visa are same as those for extending a residence permit or on shore visa. So please make sure to take a note of this and do not forget them.

How to Apply for an Off Shore Visa

In the previous article, it was stated that applying for an onshore visa is done online, so applying for an off shore visa is the same, through the immigration website, no face-to-face required at the immigration office. The following is the flow that must be followed to apply for a visa in Indonesia

  • The guarantor must create an account on the official immigration website page, in order to get the account name and password to get access to the website.

  • The guarantor makes an application through the website page.

  • The guarantor will be asked to make a payment by receiving the billing code sent from the immigration office.

  • The guarantor will be asked to wait for the verification of data and files, while the immigration officer checks.

  • If the application is approved, the guarantor will receive an email containing an electronic visa and the email will also be sent to foreign nationals who will come to Indonesia.

  • However, if it turns out that the visa application was rejected by the immigration office, the immigration office will also provide information on the reasons for the rejection of the visa application.

The latest conditions after we all have been in a pandemic for approximately 2 years, Indonesia has reopened its doors for foreign tourists, so let’s immediately make your plans to come to Bali and see how beautiful this island is. If you have any questions or assistance regarding your visa requirements, contact us!

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