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What is Artist Visa and How to Get It?

Visa4bali – Artist Visa. The islands of Bali and Jakarta are locations where you can find enjoy the holiday with various entertainment options. But for this article, let’s focus on the things in Bali that you can enjoy. Until now, Bali is a dream place for many people to have a vacation whether with family, friends or partners. Ranging from natural attractions, rides games to night entertainment.

Have you ever seen foreign tourists become DJs or photographers on the island of Bali? Then have you ever wondered what type of residence permit they use if they work in that field? A residence permit or what we usually know as a visa, is a mandatory thing that is owned by foreign citizens who are in the territory of the Indonesian state. The type of visa used by art workers such as DJs, photographers or artists is the artist visa. Then what is the meaning of an artist visa? If you are a person who works in the arts and want a career in Indonesia, how do you get it?

artist visaUnderstanding Artist Visa

If you are someone who works in the arts such as an artist, photographer or DJ who wants or already has a list of jobs on the island of Bali, then the type of visa you must have is an artist visa. This visa is needed for you to be able to live in Bali and Jakarta especially for art workers. You can do this creative work of yours and entertain lots of people with a great party. So what do you need to prepare to get this type of visa? Here’s what you have to provide

  • Photo of the first page of your passport
  • Cover photo of your passport
  • Make payments to apply for a passport
  • Recent self-portrait size 4 x 6 with red background
  • Domicile (local registration with Banjar address)

You can use our services visa4bali to help take care of all the processes from start to finish. We have helped many clients with visa processing, we can even help you extend your visa if you still want to live in Bali or other areas in Indonesia. For cost and other information, you can ask us through our customer care service which is always online 24 hours!

artist visaHow to Get Artist Visa

After all the things that need to be prepared are ready, then what is the process? The process to get this type of visa will take approximately one month. Then the agent will receive the telex and send it to the client. After that, the client must go to the Indonesian embassy overseas and make a payment of USD 150 to be able to get a visa in their passport.

Then after the foreign national arrives in Bali, he must give the passport to the agent who will assist in the process of completing the visa document. It will take approximately 3 weeks for this process later. After the process is complete, the foreign national will get their passport back. If you wish, you can apply for a process to speed up passport processing with an additional fee of IDR 1,000,000

Please note that this type of visa cannot be extended, but you can do an EPO (exit permit only). Please reminder and check at least 2 weeks before your visa expires, you can contact us if you want to stay in Bali longer. Because when the visa is closed, and then you need to repeat the same process again from the beginning to get a new visa. Please contact visa4bali to help you arrange your arrival to Bali and you can do your creative work smoothly!

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