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What Does It Take To Set Up A Business In Bali?

Visa4bali – Business In Bali. There is no need to doubt the business opportunities on Bali. Starting from properties, hotels and resorts, restaurants, tourism to car rental and other tools. Entrepreneurs who have businesses in Bali not only come from Indonesia, but also come from various countries. Many foreign nationals invest in Bali because they see the extraordinary opportunities of Bali.

Entrepreneurs who own a company in whole or in part on Bali will choose a business entity in a Foreign Investment Limited Liability Company. This type of entity is the most commonly chosen by people who have business in Bali or in other parts of Indonesia. Foreign Investment Limited Liability Company is a legal entity for foreign people or companies to earn income throughout Indonesia.

Before deciding to have a business in Bali or in other parts of Indonesia, there are several things to consider. So before you register your company in Bali, you have to do the following things first

How to Set Up A Business In Bali?

Business In BaliPlanning Investment

There are still many people who are wrong in their knowledge of minimum investment capital. According to the latest regulations, the minimum investment for entrepreneurs who want to establish Foreign Investment Limited Liability Company is around 10 billion for each business classification.

The investment plan is in the form of cash or fixed assets, where the value of land and buildings is not included in the calculation. Once your company has been registered, you need to make mandatory reporting of investment activities regularly, the frequency depends on your company’s license.

Determining Business Location

Choosing the right business location will have a big impact on the company. Basically a domicile letter is a prerequisite document when establishing a company. To be able to get a domicile letter, you need to submit a rental agreement document. It should be noted and be careful if you choose a business location in Bali, because some properties in Bali have special licenses that classify destinations. Make sure you choose the building that you will use as your place of business to have a license to operate an office.

The 2 important things above must be prepared carefully and perfectly, so that in the future you can run your business in the long term. Bali has various attractions compared to other places throughout Indonesia. The island is always fun and makes people feel at home for longer stays. People even agree that Bali is a place where people will not feel bored. And because of these positive things, many entrepreneurs are opening businesses on this island. The following are various types of business carried out by foreigners on Bali

Various types of business carried out by foreigners on Bali

  • Food and beverage business.

This food and beverage business on Bali includes things like bars, restaurants, cafes, food tours, even cooking classes.

  • Property

For the property sector, it usually includes buildings such as hotels, resorts, villas to boarding house rentals ranging from small, medium and large.

  • Design and sale of clothes.

Because of the many tourist destination on this island, there are many boutiques or traditional clothing stores that can be found in Bali, and these places are always crowded with visitors.

  • Product import

At this time there are many people who choose to live in Bali, and many of them are very concerned about appearance. Therefore, there are many cosmetic and beauty products from well-known brands have entered Bali.

  • Health services

Bali is a center of relaxation. Health centers such as yoga to spas can be found on this island.

So if you are interested in having a business in Bali, you can start right away. Because now Indonesia has opened its doors again for foreign nationals. If you need assistance regarding visa requirements to be able to stay in Bali, please contact us immediately.

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