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Solution to Get You Back to Bali During Covid 19 – Bali Visa

Bali In The Middle of Covid 19 Pandemic

Bali Visa – Well, so many people are in hard condition during covid-19 pandemic. Many people lost their job, some of them have returned back to their hometown since they are not be able to give their family money to live. This condition get worse on tourism industry and this is also affecting Bali. The main Bali income comes from tourism industry and Bali Visa, which is coming from foreign tourist. We know that now we’re having the border’s rule condition applied for a lot of country, and it seems like the tourism industry hard to survive. This is because main income of tourism industry comes from tourist arrival for tourism even for domestic or foreign tourist. People can’t go for vacation because of the border’s rule and afraid of being people with covid so they obey to follow this rule.

bali visaThis is happened for almost 2 years. People is hoping the normal situation’s back such comeback with their routinity, working without mask, going for vacation to outside town even country, and then no border’s rule applied anymore. But seeing the condition right now, it is hard to believe that covid19 will be gone soon. We must to fight with this virus a bit longer. The same condition in Bali, some of the Bali Visa company has solution for you.



bali visaDue to covid-19 pandemic, so many beaches are empty, and then resort and hotel are empty as well. They are another affect from no tourist allowed to come to Bali due to Bali’s border rule. But to be honest, there is still a way to you who wants to stay in Bali to face this terrible pandemic. To you who wants to stay in Bali, you can contact our visa agency to help you stay in this pandemic era. There is a way to help you entering Bali. In this solution we offer, you can’t use “free visa’s arrival for tourist” because this one is still unavailable. We have New Single e-Visa that you can use if you want comeback to Bali.

How You Get This New Single e-Visa and What You Need To Prepare To Get This Kind of Visa?

Our Bali Visa agency is having many years experience serving tourist and its document. We also give reasonable prices, and documents will be picked up from us. New Single e-Visa is new term that allows you to have 6 months stay cation. This is made not for tourism purposes, but this is the best current option for resident or foreigner to enter Indonesia. You can ask your agency to submit the documents or form, so you don’t need to come to Indonesia’s embassy in your country to take care of this. But still there are form or document that you need to prepare to get this New Single e-Visa as below :

  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Show bank statement in English with minimum amount USD 10,000 (you can ask your agent to help you for this one)
  • Booked return ticket to and from Indonesia
  • E-Visa payment
  • Due to this visa is not for tourism purposes, you need to mention your reason entering the country. Mostly reasons are :
  1. For attending business meeting
  2. For assessing the market
  3. Checking business investments
  4. To consider future business investments
  • And the last is proof that you have been done full vaccination and negative (-) PCR result, remembering we are in the middle of covid-19 pandemic.

Since we are in pandemic era, you need to do quarantine after your arrival to Bali. Visitors are required to do quarantine total 14 days. This is required procedure for everyone who wants to entering Indonesia during the pandemic time.

If you guys have another question about anything you need for visiting Bali, please feel free to Contact us!

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