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Unique Facts That Tourists Should Know About Bali!

Visa4Bali – About Bali. The whole world already knows that Bali island is like a paradise. Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia whose name is very well known throughout the world. There have even been people from abroad who did not know Indonesia but knew about Bali. This proves that Bali’s popularity has been worldwide for a long time. Until now, many Bali tourists from abroad have come to prove for themselves how beautiful this island is. Natural wealth combined with cultural richness makes this place worthy of being called the island of the Gods.

Even though they have been come to Bali many times, Balinese tourists always have a reason to be able to come back to this place again and again. This island is one of the thousands of islands in the world that very popular with tourists. But even though it’s been many times and for those of you who often come to this island, do you know the unique facts about Bali? Let’s see what things you may not know about Bali.

Unique Fact About Bali

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  • Bali is a Favorite Destination for Digital Nomads

The term digital nomad is currently starting to trend among young people. Especially in the midst of a pandemic situation like yesterday, the number of people who work as digital nomads is increasing. Digital nomads are people who have jobs where the work does not require someone to come to the office.

Digital nomad work is unrestricted and relies on an internet connection. Now in Bali, precisely in the Ubud and Canggu areas, there are lots of digital nomads found. These two areas are favorite destinations for them, perhaps because there are many facilities there and the natural surroundings that make them feel more comfortable.

  • Australian Tourists Are The Most Tourists In Bali

Foreign tourists from Australia are the most commonly found in Bali. This may be because the distance from Australia to Bali is quite close. The end of the year is the busiest time for foreign tourists to come and visit Bali. Why? Because they want to spend New Year’s Eve on Bali.

  • School Without Walls Made Of Bamboo

There is a unique school in Bali, namely the Green School. The school was first established in 2008, and is a school built of bamboo but has no walls. This nature-themed school is located near the Ayung River and has a very natural and beautiful atmosphere.

  • Panglipuran Village in Bali, The Most Beautiful Village in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many islands. Can you imagine how many thousands of villages are there in Indonesia? Well, in Bali there is a village called Panglipuran village which is one of the most beautiful villages in Indonesia! The atmosphere in this village is very calm, beautiful and also peaceful. The arrangement of the houses of the residents here is also very neat and shows the characteristics of Bali.

  • Bali has 2 Hotels that Belongs To the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Mandapa A Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Komaneka at Tanggayuda which are located in the Ubud area are hotels that are included in the world luxury hotel category. Both offer extraordinary luxury and are complemented by the beauty of Bali island. People who live there will feel calm and will feel more at home to linger in Bali.

  • Bali Island Has Many Free Drinking Water Filling Stations

In Bali, there is a group that created a movement called Refill My Bottle. This is a free drinking water refill station for tourists. There are about 30 existing water filling stations throughout Bali. This is done with the aim of reducing plastic waste and making Bali cleaner.

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