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Things You Can Do in Munduk Bali Waterfall

Munduk Bali has a lot of spots to offer. It is not always about beach, this island also offering you green scenery, mountain and even waterfall. Waterfall is belongs to one of trending holidays activities in Bali. Most of the waterfall locations was on the north side of Bali, and the most popular one is Munduk Buleleng waterfall and known as Munduk Waterfall Bali. Munduk Bali is offering breathtaking natural atmosphere surround them, green plants are also perfecting the fresh scenery when you visiting this area.

We knew that most of tourists loves to do vacations in the south side of Bali due to so many popular and favorite tourist spots are there. This is loved by domestic and foreign tourists. They are such Kuta beach, Pandawa beach, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Besides the south side of Bali, there is good and interesting bali part in the north side you can try which is became the center of waterfall spots in Bali. One of the natural waterfall was called Munduk Bali Waterfall. Munduk waterfall located in munduk village, still in the area of Banjar, sub-district Buleleng, Bali.

Due to its locations was in munduk, that’s why its called munduk waterfall. In Munduk buleleng village, you will find not only one waterfall but three spots, they are

  1. Golden valley waterfall
  2. Munduk waterfall or red coral waterfall
  3. Melanting waterfall

The locations of those three waterfalls are pretty close one each other, so the visitors call them by Munduk waterfall’s only. This is good for you, right? Because by having trip only in 1 village but you will get 3 beautiful views of waterfall. This waterfall offering several attraction to the visitors, including the following

munduk bali

  • Waterfall view

The combinations between cool atmosphere of the waterfall and gurgling water will make tourists feel the freshness when they are under it. This beautiful and natural atmosphere is the things that visitors looking for. This atmosphere will be useful as healing, after being tired of undergoing a busy routine, then visiting this tourist location while enjoying the beautiful scenery will help to recharge your energy.

  • Located between Coffee and Clove Plantation

The interesting things was the locations of this waterfall is between coffee and clove plantation. Visitors will not only enjoying the scenery of waterfall but also can enjoy these 2 places in the same time.

  • Magical Waterfall

Local people believes that the water of this waterfall has special function. The water contain sulfur, so that this water can be a medicine to cure various skin diseases.

After knowing the advantages visiting this waterfall, here we also inform you what things you can do while enjoying your vacation at this area.

munduk bali

  • Playing the water

An interesting activity that never forgotten is playing water while having waterfall tours. This kinds of playing such doing swimming, bathing, or other activities. As we mentioned above that this water has function for skin diseases it will be good for you to do play in this water. This water activities is quite safe because the water flow on this waterfall is not too heavy and endangers the visitors.

  • Relaxing

Staying between 2 plantations that having large size perfecting the cool atmosphere surround you. This cool air makes people visits here able to do relaxation. Your bored feeling, stress, they’ll gone after you visits this amazing waterfall.

  • Photography

The most important things to do during your vacation is photography. You need to take this beauty in your camera shoots. But while doing photography, please be careful, specially to some spots at this waterfall. If you’re not take it carefully, the puddles or splashes of water will cause damage to electronics.

Well, we hope those information will help you to imagine how beautiful this place will be 🙂

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