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The Positive Impact Of Work From Bali – work from bali. If in the previous article we have talked about what hotels done for keep getting income during this pandemic era, now we’ll talk about something that become new rule from the government. The government issued new term, the ideas for having work from Bali for everyone who came from outside of Bali island. This new program is believed to be able to improve the economy in the tourism sector in Balinese island.

work from bali

Work from Bali and Its Goals

What is work from Bali mean? This is a new program from the government that invites people to do working from Bali island. The location for doing work from Bali is Nusa Dua area. The main purpose from doing work from Bali is for helping tourism sectors of Balinese island that receiving big impacts of covid19 pandemic. Imagine, this island has more than 100.000 rooms of accommodation and only about 10% of them are occupied. From this condition, we knew that so many people who works on this field are losing their jobs. It was almost impossible for the inn management to survive without reducing staff in the midst of such a difficult situation.

Besides Nusa Dua area, there are 2 areas indicated as green zones. The green zone means that those area can be visited by the tourists for sightseeing. They are Sanur and Ubud areas. These areas making people who doing work from Bali will never be boring because other than finishing their jobs and following to be participate on government programs, you can relax your mind and body on a great tourist destination. This is what government hopes to continue to work but can having an economic impact on tourism sector despite the pandemic.

Previous article mentioned that hotels trying to make programs by lowering the accommodation prices into half price! It’s a crazy idea to do, but to be survived in these dire conditions, sometimes it’s necessary to think unexpected ideas. The reason why the location of work from Bali is choosing Nusa Dua as the destination is because of this place has single management system that makes this more easy to control and supervise. It is also because this place has end-to-end service integrated directly since the arrival of tourists at the airport.

Economic observers say that work from Bali will help people who work in the tourism sector to rise and survive in the difficult conditions like today. People who still have jobs and money will be able to do their jobs in Bali island. They will keep working, and can release their fatigue by visiting some tourist spots around after their work’s done. Other than just hoping the foreigners will enter this beautiful island by waiting for the covid19 virus to disappear, that’s a better answer to make the economy in Bali improve a little. At this time, we can see that some of domestic tourists are trying to do this. They are moving to Bali island and doing work from Bali. All side who doing this idea will get the positive impacts, to both tourism sectors and perpetrators who carry out this practice.

People who doing this can keep working, and the tourism sectors will be very happy to receive some incomes from them. However, this work from Bali thing will not have such a big impact on this beautiful island because only about 16 hotels are allowed to implement this idea. But still, by having this idea, tourism sectors and workers who were previously laid off will be able to return to work. If this thing goes well, it will be very good thing for those people who run a business in tourism industry.

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