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The Beauty Sand of Pink Beach and Other Facts Of It!

Visa4Bali – Pink Beach. Tired of social distancing for too long? It’s time for you to let go of the tiredness and boredom that has haunted us all for about 2 years! Now the state of Indonesia has reopened its doors to foreign nationals. There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that worth to be visited, some of them are the islands of Bali, Komodo island to Labuan Bajo. This time we will discuss a unique tourist spot in Labuan Bajo, namely Pink Beach. Why is it called the pink beach? Check out the complete information below.

Where is Pink Beach Location?

Pink Beach is located on the island of Komodo, West Flores and the existence of this unique beach is surrounded by other beaches. Visitors can use the services of a speed boat to reach this place. Indeed, the access and the road that is passed is not easy, but all of it will be worth, the view that can be enjoyed once you arrive at the beach, it is so beautiful and enchanting! Then why is it called pink beach? The unique thing about pink beach is about the pink sand.

This pink color comes from a very small animal called Foraminifera whose pigment will give coral a red color. The corals will then be carried by the waves to the coast and then crushed into flakes and grains which become beach sand. This pink sand is not only located at one point, but along the coastline on the island of Komodo it has a reddish pink sand color. This mixture of red coral and white crystalline sand causes the color to turn pink and look so beautiful!

pink beachAlmost the same as other beaches, visitors or travelers can do water sport activities such as snorkeling. Visitors who do snorkeling will be presented with beautiful views that come from various kinds of coral and fish species that are there.

The corals that are there consist of fine and hard, and also various colors. Not only the corals are diverse but also the fish species in the lake are so many and varied. What all pink beach visitors need to know is that boats should not approach the shoreline area.

This is because the condition of the coral there is well maintained. Visitors who vacation on this pink beach will be able to see species of fish and coral through the water which is so clear without the need to do snorkel, which is enough just to walk from the beach ripples.

Here are the facts about pink peach that you need to know

Home to the Komodo Dragons

There is a unique and interesting sight that you will find if you are on vacation here, namely the existence of the Komodo dragon. This is the largest living and remaining reptile in this world. This island is their natural habitat.

The Most Beautiful Pink Beach in the World

Marine tourism with pink sand beaches is something very beautiful and unique. There are several beaches with Foraminifera around the world but pink beach is the one that has the most satisfying landscaping. The combination of pink beach sand, clear sea water and wide blue sky is a perfect combination that no other tourist spot has!

Owning a Savanna Hill

Because the location of Flores is one of the places with a dry climate, there are many savannas around there. If visitors want to get various photo spots, then they can go up the hill of the savanna. From the top of the hill, visitors can see the beautiful blue sea water combined with the beautiful pink sand. Such a perfect view to enjoy, isn’t it?

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