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The Beauty of Bali Dolphin Marine Park

Visa4bali – Bali Dolphin Marine Park. If in the previous article we have discussed the Bali Exotic Marine Park or commonly abbreviated as BEMP, this time we will discuss more fully about the Bali Dolphin Marine Park. Actually, these two places are the same, which is located in Denpasar, Bali. Apart from being a place used for relaxation from stress for people with special needs, here many people have visited with the aim of seeing amazing animals, yes they are dolphins.

The visitors come from all over the world and from various groups ranging from children to adults. Everyone loves dolphins. At Bali Dolphin Marine Park, visitors will find very happy dolphins because they are very well cared on there. Dolphins that are so cute and adorable will certainly make anyone who comes and interacts with them feel very satisfied and happy. Visitors will also be given more knowledge about the world of dolphins, and the staff at Bali Dolphin Marine Park are very friendly and extraordinarily kind. This place is one of the eco-friendly tourist sites on the island of Bali.

Bali Dolphin Marine Park

Therapy With the Help of Dolphins

In the previous article about Bali Exotic Marine Park or BEMP, this place is also a place of therapy for people with special needs. The therapy is called DAT or Dolphin Assisted Therapy where the staff and therapists in this place do therapy using the help of the dolphins being treated there. The therapy is not only done by swimming with the dolphins, but also touching and interacting with them.

This therapy will provide motivation and relaxation for all people from children to adults who have certain disease problems or people with other special needs. This can also be helpful for those of you who want to relax from the stress of work or life problems. You will be able to return to normal conditions with a healthier and more relaxed mind and body.

The dolphins in the Bali Exotic Marine Park are actually dolphins that live from the sea, but for some reason they are unable to survive in the wild. Then the Bali Exotic Marine Park staff took care of the dolphins. The dolphins have been trained by professional dolphin trainers, which allows the dolphins to interact with the visitors. The visitors are usually complete families with children and most of them want to swim and also interact with the dolphins that are there.

Even for those of you who are interested in becoming a dolphin trainer, Bali Exotic Marine Park provides training programs and special internships to become dolphin trainers. Even this place is also equipped with a restaurant and a terrace by the dolphin pool. There is a dolphin pool deck at the Bali Dolphin Marine Park which is on the east side of the pool.

Even there, visitors can enjoy delicious food and drinks. You can imagine, a romantic dinner with dolphins in the background under the building and you will be safe from the rain when you visit it during the rainy season. Perfect for closing your day, right? This place is open every day, Monday to Sunday, operating hours from 10 am to 6 pm.

Don’t forget when you visit Bali Dolphin Marine Park, bring your camera. You can add a collection of your vacation photos while you swim and interact with the dolphins that are very charming. You can upload and share your moments when you enjoy your time with such amazing animals.

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