Tasty Seafood Restaurant In Bali

baliVisa4Bali – Tourists even domestic or foreigners are usually looking for several references before they arrived in Bali island. The references might be about tourism spot, Bali’s activities, hotels and tourism culinary as well. Having good trip will always relate with good food during your vacation. Having fun with family by doing interesting activities on your vacation will be complete and perfect by enjoying delicious foods. Bali island is very famous with beaches and underwater world. People will have thought that this island will have tasty seafood and wants to try them. Of course by having this curiosity from the tourists, food hunter will look for information what is good recommendation for the restaurant that having delicious seafood in Bali island.

Due to the popularity of Bali island is no joke, and many tourists have proved it. One of the best moments is such having fun with your beloved people enjoying sunset perfected with tasty foods on your dining table, perfect isn’t it? Here we have information for recommended restaurant in Bali island for you to try

Mama Donny Cafe

This cafe is really comfortable because the location is near with the beach. You can enjoy your seafood perfected with sea wind and also sound of the waves. This cafe located in Four Season Street, muaya beach jimbaran. The price of seafood at this cafe is quite affordable. They are also offers packet options for you to minimize your budget.

Made Bagus Cafe

This made bagus cafe will be crowd at night. The distinctive taste of the cuisine at this cafe is produced from roasts made directly from coconut shells. This is traditional way but this way can made the seafood keep tasty. Seafood from this restaurant was caught by fisherman, so this place is using fresh seafood from the sea.

Gurih-gurih food stall

This food stall is located in east tukad barito street no. 99. The main attraction of this food stall is that this place is using traditional concept. Although the place have nothing special looks, but the taste of the food is so amazing. The seafood caught by fisherman and they are using fresh seafood from the sea. This place will be suitable for you who wants to enjoy delicious seafood but in cheap price.

Food stall of Mami Grilled fish

This is simple food stall in bali island but its offering so many kinds of seafood starts from clams, fish, shrimp and rice are available. All of dishes are served by burning in a fresh state. But in this food stall, the way you order food is so unique. This food stall does not provide a menu book but you have to directly place an order to the seller.

Lia Cafe

If you visit this place, you will feel that you are in home because this cafe is using simple and traditional concept. You will enjoy eating seafood with a different feel, namely on a hall that is placed on the sand. Your seafood will be more tasty because you eat them near with the beach. Best time to visit this cafe is before sunset because you will have beautiful sunset view perfected with delicious food on your table.

baliThe Crabbys

If you usually eating seafood installed on a plate, then this place offering different thing. Seafood will be served on white paper and you will eat it directly on the table without having a plate. The mainstay of the menu in this restaurant is crab that made with special sauce on it completed with the corn to make it more tasty.

Those are all restaurants in Bali that we recommend for you to try. Come to Bali island, and try them to perfect your vacation!

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