Serving seafood typical of Jimbaran Beach Bali, with a sunset atmosphere

Jimbaran Beach

Visa Bali Info – The Jimbaran tourist area is indeed a destination that offers many tourist attractions that are favorites for tourists such as the beach, Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park, Dreamland.

However, have you ever thought that culinary hunting is one of the things that must be done when visiting Bali. Given how the Island of the Gods is rich in marine products.

If you want to try out the delicious fresh seafood and you are looking for cheap culinary tours in Bali, there is one area that you can go to to enjoy these delicious dishes, namely Jimbaran Beach.

Enjoying Seafood by the Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Along Jimbaran Beach there are dozens of restaurants selling processed seafood. The atmosphere of dining here is very special because it feels very romantic.

By five o’clock in the afternoon the restaurants here will be full of customers. In addition to filling their stomachs, they also want to enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset and the beautiful beach.

Not only seafood on the coast, you can also find rows of food vendors such as grilled corn. You can also take advantage of massage services provided by some local residents.

The more dusk the Jimbaran area will be more crowded. Usually almost all the restaurants here will be full of visitors.

Serving Fresh Seafood

The average restaurant here sells processed seafood that is still fresh. You can choose from grilled fish, grilled clams, grilled squid, shrimp, lobster, to crab. All food ingredients here are taken directly from the aquarium which is guaranteed to be of high quality.

5 Restaurants In Jimbaran Bali That You Must Try

If you want to visit Jimbaran beach and want to hunt for seafood culinary, then we recommend for you restaurants that you must visit to enjoy their special menu. Check out the reviews as follows;

  1. Menega Cafe

Jimbaran Beach

One of the restaurants in Jimbaran Bali that is highly recommended is Menega Cafe which serves a seafood menu.

Menega cafe serves dishes that are processed by grilling / grilling. The appearance of the restaurant is almost the same as other restaurants with dozens of chairs and tables neatly arranged on the beach, equipped with candle light decorations and lanterns as lighting.

Jimbaran Beach

As soon as you enter the Jimbaran Seafood Bali restaurant area, you can see a large aquarium filled with various kinds of fish, crabs, clams, and squid.

The menu that is often ordered at Jimbaran seafood Bali restaurants by most visitors is Menega’s Special Set. Per person is charged Rp. 150,000. A set menu contains 2 jumbo prawns, grilled fish (500 grams), 4 clams, 4 squid skewers, and a drink for you to choose from. This set menu also includes white rice, Balinese-style kale, and fruit for dessert.

2. Warung Mami Ikan Bakar

Jimbaran Beach

From the front it looks simple like a food stall in general. Although small, the place is clean and comfortable which is located on Jl. Uluwatu II No. 30X.

There is no menu book here, because this shop only serves grilled shrimp, fish, shellfish, and white rice. All dishes at Warung Mami are fresh from the grill, no wonder the waiting time for your order is also quite long.

Jimbaran Beach

The types of fish provided at Warung Mami are quite diverse, there are Jengki Fish, Snapper Fish, and Kurisi Fish. While the side menu is Plecing Kangkung, Pickled Cucumber Carrots, Fried Garlic, Sambal Matah, Sambal Terasi, and Chili Soy Sauce which are automatically served with your order. The range of costs spent on average is IDR 80,000 for two people.

3. Mama Donny Cafe

Jimbaran Beach

Here there is something unique for those of you who are on a honeymoon. Because there is a special package with the addition of beautiful Balinese table decorations.

Jimbaran Beach

Mama Donny Cafe provides six different package options. For Package A, you can enjoy 400 grams of fish, 3 shrimp, 3 shellfish, and 1 bottle of soft drink for only Rp. 75,000. If you come together, you can order Package D for Rp. 220,000 serving 600 grams of fish, 6 shrimps, 400 grams of squid, 6 shellfish, and 2 bottles of soft drinks.

4. Lia Cafe

Jimbaran Beach

Located on Jl. Pemelisan Agung with an outdoor dining area, in direct contact with the sands of Jimbaran Beach. You can order a variety of seafood such as fish, lobster, shrimp, shellfish, and many more which are sold separately.

Jimbaran Beach

Package options at Lia Cafe that you can choose. The cheapest package, Package A for IDR 250,000 serves 10 shrimp, 500 grams of fish, 8 shellfish, and 500 grams of squid which includes 2 coconut drinks, rice, fresh vegetables, salad, potatoes, 3 types of chili sauce, and fruit (as dessert). ). While the most expensive package is in Lia Packages for Rp. 800,000, including fish and lobster 1 kg each

5. Made Bagus Cafe

Jimbaran Beach

A place to eat seafood in Jimbaran Bali that serves an exotic atmosphere, especially for dinner. Made Bagus Cafe provides marine dishes grilled directly from coconut shell charcoal.

All types of seafood are guaranteed to be fresh, taken directly from the fishing boats every morning and evening.

Jimbaran Beach

A complete selection of seafood packages that you can order. For the cheapest package, you can order Package D for IDR 350,000 for two people. You can enjoy 800 grams of fish, 1 serving of squid satay, 6 clams, 400 grams of King Prawn, and 2 bottles of Bintang beer.

Another recommended package is Package E for IDR 200,000 for one person. This package serves 400 grams of fish, 200 grams of King Prawn, 250 grams of lobster, and one bottle of soft drink.

All dishes at this beachfront restaurant are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. It is recommended for those of you who want to visit and enjoy the taste, visit before it is too late or make a reservation in advance at the restaurants you are going to.


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