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Recommendations of 8 Bali Surfing Courses For You!

Visa4Bali – The island of Bali is very famous for its natural beauty. One of the favorite spots for tourists, both local and foreign tourists, is the beaches. Beaches in Bali are very famous for their amazing views when the sun rises or sets. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery and also enjoying the sunrise to sunset, there is one sport that is very liked by many tourists who come to Bali, namely surfing. We have made another article about surfing points in Bali which is recommended even for beginners to professionals. This time we will make a list of surf courses in Bali that you can use as reference material to learn to surf!

Living in Bali makes a demand for the residents there, especially those who live around the beach to be able to surf. Well, don’t worry if you can’t do it yet. Here we have summarized the places that can teach you to surf for beginners or even those who can’t at all.

  • Dreamsea surf camp

This camp is located in the Badung district, Bali, precisely located near the coastal waters of the Padangs beach. Although the waves on the Padang-padang beach have quite high waves, this camp provides a place or wave area for beginners. You can learn to surf while enjoying the super exotic views that surround this place.

Surf School Bali

This place is located in the Seminyak area, which is one of the tourist spots that is never empty with visitors. Here you will be offered to try to learn to surf by taking surf lessons. There are various choices of packages offered by this surf school, and almost all the equipment and preparations available there can be used. You only need to come and bring personal equipment such as sunscreen if you want to be able to surf right away!

Malibu Surf School

This place is one of the perfect places to learn to surf. This surf school is located in the Jimbaran area, precisely close to the Balangan coastal waters. Balangan Beach is famous for having friendly waves for various levels of surfing skills, so this place is perfect for learning to surf for everyone.

Padang-padang surf camp

This surf camp is located in the Uluwatu area. Uluwatu is very famous for having beaches with very impressive waves, and it can be said that this area is a surfer’s paradise. Many surfers use this camp as a place to improve their surfing skills. You will be taught how to surf well from the best in this place!

Kima Bali Surfaris Seminyak

This surf school is located in the Seminyak area, and has been around since 1995! It is certain that they are very professional in teaching surfing techniques, right? This place offers surfing lessons for beginners who are very interested in learning to become a professional surfer!

Sumbul Surf Lesson

If you want to learn to surf with a private class, or just your group in 1 class, then this place is the answer. This place is located close to Yeh Sumbul beach.

UP2U Bali Surf School

If you are looking for a surf school at an affordable price, then this place is the answer! Located in the Kuta area, this place is ready to help you start lessons from zero at a very affordable price.

Ripcurl School of Surf Legian

If you don’t really trust the names of surf courses because their names are not well known, then you can try Ripcurl School of Surf in Legian. Here you will be taught by instructors who have ISA certificates which will improve your surfer skills get better! There are even books provided here that surfers can read before the lesson begins.

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