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Reasons Why Choose Sanur As Tourist Destination

Visa4bali – Sanur – Are you confused about where to go on your family vacation this time? The island of Bali will usually be the choice of tourists to spend their holidays. In Bali itself, there are so many tourist attractions that sometimes even make potential visitors confused about which place they will visit. Areas that are busy with foreign tourists such as Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Ubud to Sanur are usually always crowded with tourists, both local and foreign tourists, specially when school is off and new year.

In this article, to help you determine a tourist destination in Bali, we have summarized the reasons why Sanur deserves to be your choice of tourist destination. Especially if your vacation is for a family vacation, then Sanur is the right choice. Sanur is in the southeastern part of the island of Bali and has a distance of about 15 kilometers. It takes about 35 minutes to travel from ngurah rai international airport.

The Sanur tourist area is one area that is very suitable for family vacation tours, why is that? Beach attractions in Sanur have calm waves and are not as crowded as in the Kuta area, so they are very safe for children. Sanur also has beautiful white sand, which is perfecting the view of the sunrise. Here we summarize some reasons for you why Sanur is suitable as a family vacation destination

Providing accommodation in all budgets

When someone has decided to take a vacation, of course they have to think about the budget that will be spent. Well in Sanur, you have many accommodation options for every budget from the smallest to the largest. There are many family hotels, cheap lodging to 5-star hotels that you can adjust to your budget.

Plenty of Places to Eat

Many restaurants in the Sanur area provide delicious Indonesian to western dishes. You can adjust which dish suits your taste better. You can adjust the budget you have with these places to eat.


Has a white beach with calm waves

Unlike white beach tours in the Kuta and Seminyak areas, white sand beach tours in Sanur have a quieter atmosphere. Sanur Beach has small and calm waves, so it is perfect for families who want a calm atmosphere.

Sanur is the best place to see the sunrise

Beautiful beach views are not only about sunset. In Bali you can also find beaches that have super beautiful sunrise views, on Sanur beach. Enjoy the cool morning air on the beach enhanced by the warmth of the coming morning sun will be super amazing to have!

The highway traffic is quieter

Traffic conditions in Sanur are indeed quieter when compared to Seminyak or Kuta area. You can even use a bicycle or just take walk if you want to explore the tourist area of Sanur.

There is a 4 KM long bicycle path that runs along the shoreline

Around the shoreline of Sanur, there is a 4 KM jogging track. The jogging track can be used not only for jogging but also for cycling with your family. There are many places that rent bicycles along the way. The beautiful scenery during the trip will add a sense of relaxation and fun.

Many Choices of Family Activities

At Sanur beach, there are water sport activities that children can try. The most famous is riding a jet ski and walking on the seabed. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!

Hopefully the things above can make you more confident and steady for a vacation on Bali. If you have question regarding your visa or needing to extend your permit to stay longer in Indonesia, please contact us!

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