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Here Is Bali’s Condition, After Government Announced Re-opening of Bali Island!

Visa4bali – re-opening of Bali. The good news about reopening of Indonesia’s doors to foreign tourists is one of the government’s efforts to restore tourism conditions in Indonesia, especially the island of Bali. So far, it is no secret that the tourism sector is the main source of income for the island of Bali for its government and its people. After for almost 2 years, Bali is closed to foreign tourists due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Strict measures regarding immigration or the entry of foreign nationals during the pandemic have devastated Bali island. As a result, many hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops or other businesses engaged in tourism were affected and the worse was there were many people who lost their jobs or income. Even service providers such as travel agencies, or Bali visa agencies have also experienced a decline in revenue during the pandemic.

Government Announced Re-opening of Bali Island

re-opening of bali

After suffering for almost 2 years, the government wants to revive the tourism industry in all parts of Indonesia, including the island of Bali and its surroundings.

It has been conveyed in several news reports that the Bali tourism industry has experienced really very sharp decline in corona virus cases since July 2021, where at that time Indonesia became the center of the most Covid-19 cases in Asia!

However, in mid-October 2021, the government has decided that the doors of the Indonesian state have been reopened to foreign nationals. This is really good news for many people, especially people who work or have a business in the tourism industry.

However, it turns out that things about the reopening of Indonesia’s door are not going smoothly. There are even some people who say that the reopening of Bali island is not good enough as the expectations of the tourism industry players. Why is that so?

Information about visa requirements and which countries can apply to visit Indonesia is not distributed well. Foreign tourists who want to come through the island of Bali, need time to arrange visas and flights. However, it turns out that currently there are total of 19 countries are allowed to enter Indonesia and these countries are selected according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The 19 countries include China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and several countries from Western Europe and the Arabian Gulf. It turned out that the opening of the gates of the Indonesian state was considered quite sudden. All visitors who wish to enter Bali must vaccinate against Covid-19, and must undergo quarantine for the first 5 days. The increasing number of foreign tourists who are entering Bali is expected to begin will improve by the end of the year. Well, this moment also coincides with Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In the past, before there was a COVID-19 pandemic, the time before Christmas and New Year was the busiest time on the island of Bali apart from the school holidays. There are so many tourists, both local and foreign tourists who decide to have a vacation on this very beautiful island. So if you are one of the thousands of people out there who want to relieve fatigue due to regional restrictions and social distancing due to the pandemic, then you can visit Bali and have a vacation here.

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