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Private Beach, Karma Beach Club

Karma Beach Club
Ig @karmabeachclubs

Visa Bali Info – Karma Beach Club.

The island of Bali as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, one of which is white sand beaches.

Most of the white sand beach locations in Bali are located in tourist areas in southern Bali.

If you want to explore the island of Bali by visiting beautiful white sand beaches, deserted by tourists and the location is hidden.

Karma Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in Bali that are recommended to visit while on vacation to the Island of the Gods.

Check out our interesting reviews and reviews below for you to make a reference for visiting Karma Beach Bali.

Attractions that Karma Beach has

Karma Beach Club
Ig @karmabeachclubs
  • Have a white sand beach

The main attraction of Karma Bali beach is on the beach with white sand, the cleanliness of the beach is very well maintained and the sea water is very clear.

This beach has a beauty that lies in its scenery. Although the coastline is not too long, it does not reduce the value of the beauty of this Karma Beach Clubs.

Karma Beach Club
Ig @karmabeachclubs
  • Private Beach

There is a beach club that is private as a feature. The beach club is named Nammos Beach Club, which is a restaurant located on the beach in the Ungasan area. However, now the name of the club has changed to “Karma Kandara Beach Club”.

Karma Group as the beach manager has completed all the beach facilities of Karma Beach Club which has earned him a nickname among tourists. The nickname of this beach is “Private Beach”.

Price of admission

To be able to enter the Karma beach area, you need to pay an entrance ticket if you are not a hotel guest.

If you are a resort guest staying in one of the Karma Kandara Resort rooms, then entering Karma Kandara beach is free.

The ticket price for Karma Bali beach entrance is IDR 650,000 / person. The price of this entrance ticket includes food facilities and an elevator to go down to the beach location.

For the type of entry route that does not charge a penny or is free, you have to descend hundreds of stairs totaling approximately 350 with slightly steep conditions. So it requires high vigilance.

Location and Opening Hours of Karma Beach

Address :

Ungasan, Kec. South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

Opening hours :

Every day with operations from 06.00 – 19.00 WITA.

Karma Beach Facilities

  • The parking area for tourist vehicles is quite spacious
  • Information Center
  • Karma Bali beach club
  • Restaurant
  • Resorts and Villas
  • Karma Beach Cafe & Bar
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Instagenic spot
  • Tourist seats and umbrellas
  • Fun game rides

Interesting Activities at Karma Beach that you can do


  • Hanging out on the beach

Sitting and relaxing under a tent umbrella while enjoying a drink and some food is the most enjoyable relaxing activity while visiting the beach.

If you don’t want to be exposed to the hot sun and want to relax around the beach, you can also visit the Karma Kandara Beach Club area.

Relax at Karma Kandara Beach Club, apart from avoiding the heat of the sun, you can also enjoy pizza with a refreshing cold drink.

  • Swimming and Playing in the Sand

For children who want to swim at the beach, this can be done around the afternoon. Because in the afternoon the sun is not as hot as during the day and the waves in the afternoon are not too high.

The height of this beach is shallow enough to be safe for children to swim and play in the sand around it.

  • Photographed

This place is often also designated as a photoshoot place for couples who are getting married or on their honeymoon.

In the eyes of photographer lovers, apart from offering exoticism to the panorama, this place is also very suitable for couple-themed photos such as pre-wedding or honey moon.

  • Snorkeling

If you intend to try snorkeling activities at this tourist spot, don’t forget to bring all the equipment needed. This is because there is no rental equipment for snorkeling.

The specialty of snorkeling in this place is that you don’t need to swim far to the middle of the sea, just around the beach you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater life of Karma Beach.


Thus the explanation of the Karma Beach Clubs tour which turns out to save the beauty in it.

Hopefully it can be your reference when you want to vacation at Karma Beach Club Bali.


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