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Popular Vacation Activities in Canggu Bali

Visa4Bali – Canggu Bali. Once you have planning to get vacation’s in Canggu Bali, this might be coming on your head, What kind of vacation activities there? What interesting place to visit from canggu bali? Is this good place to spend your holidays? If you have those questions, in this chance we’d like to give you information about interesting and popular vacation activities in canggu, bali.

General Information about Canggu Bali

Canggu is one of the village located in north kuta, bali island. Most of area in canggu is rice fields and has several areas on the coast. At the beginning, canggu is not popular as tourism destination. But due to increasing tourism spot in seminyak bali and its becoming popular destination of tourism, making canggu as alternative tourism area which is closed with Seminyak, but canggu is not as crowded as Seminyak area. Most of the tourist interesting in canggu because of the surfing activity. But as time goes on, so many hotels, restaurants, or private villa perfecting that area. Canggu can be reach about 22 kilo meters from Ngurah Rai international airport.

For you who have decided to have vacations at Canggu, the best transportation you may use is motorcycle. You can rent this motorcycle to rental place. If you’d like to use car, it is possible but you have to drive a car on narrow roads, and get used to going through traffic jams. For your information, parking area for car in canggu is limited.

For you who are staying in the tourist area of Canggu Bali and interesting to know the favorite holiday activities of tourists in Canggu, here is a list of the activities :

Canggu Bali

  1. Sitting at the edge of the beach to wait the sunset

    There are a lot of beach in canggu, but beach you can find mostly back sands beach. And then where is beautiful beach to wait and enjoy sunset moment? Berawa beach and Echo beach are the answer. The line’s positions of the beach is overlooking to the southwest. For berawa beach, there are areas provided for having good time at the beach side. Most of people is having good time here enjoying the sunset perfecting with cold drinks.

  2. Holidays at Finns recreations club canggu

    Finns recreations club is one of most visited tourism spot in canggu, bali. Most of the tourist is having holidays with family or kids. You can find, swimming pool sized in large, water slides, tennis courts, gym, restaurant, bar and bowling alley. The entrance fee for entering this spot having different prices according to the age and facility. We can help you to arrange your holidays with family here, please feel free to contact us!

    canggu bali

  3. Wandering the Canggu Rice Fields

    Have you ever imagine to have a walk on the rice-fields? You can enjoying rice field surrounding with green view, natural atmosphere, and of course the traffic situation is not crowded like in town. Even though the rice fields doesn’t have amazing terraces view such tegalalang ubud, but at least in this place you can enjoy natural scenery and refresing atmosphere. It would be perfect if you have idea to get around by bicycle.

  4. Having fun at Old man canggu

    Canggu area has good place for you who loves having fun until midnight. Old man canggu located near with batu bolong canggu and usually providing life performance such DJ or live band.

  5. Having good time at Finn’s Beach Club Canggu

    if family with kids vacation is loving to spend the holidays at finn’s recreation club, there will be different with people with their partner or honeymoon couples. This is the most popular beach club in canggu. Honeymoon couples at Finn’s Beach Club usually enjoy a vacation by sitting back, swimming and enjoying food and drinks until sunset’s coming.

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