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Bali : Paradise of Surfing Spot

Bali Visa Info – If you are now in a trip on Bali that located on the south side of this island, it might be a good idea to Surfing in Suluban beach. This place offers beautiful views, mesmerizing sunset views, enhanced with the cool views of coral reef and white sands beach.

Everyone knows that Bali is a paradise island. Lots of tourist both local and foreigners come to this beach to get unforgettable experiences such as looking for natural tourism, the arts and the cultures. This is also perfect island to give your families, spouse or friends that you asked to accompany such a memorable moments during your guys vacation.


Suluban Beach Location

We are going to talk about one of Uluwatu beach that located about 3km from the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, call Suluban beach. The suluban beach has other names that friendly on Australian tourists as blue point beach uluwatu. This is because there is a hotel on a top of Suluban beach named in blue point hotel. This beach is suitable for adults or teenagers because the condition of the beach having quite heavy waves. This is one of the reasons that this beach is not suitable for children. The unique things from this beach is about the location and how people to reach this beach. If you are going to visit this beautiful beach, you need to go down the stairs, and also pass through a natural rock gate that towers and looks like a Goa. The beach location was hidden closed by high rock cliff. You need to do more efforts until you reaching this beach. This is because you will go 200 meters down from the parking area. When you go down on the stairs, you’ll see lots of cafe, some kinda like street vendors trying to offer you culinary tourism. It will be such an amazing view surrounding suluban beach, right?

Your tiredness of downing so many stairs will be disappeared and paid off after seeing the scenery offered by this unique beach. This beach will look like having 2 colors of water. Deeper part will be colored in dark blue, and the shallow part will be greenish. You may see the sea floor as well. Just same as other beaches on Bali island, this unique beach is also offering amazing sunset views. If you really want to see it, please come before sunset time and you may see the reddish sky surrounding you and the beach.

Teenagers or adults people usually come to this beach for doing the most favorite sea activities on Bali island, surfing. Due to the beach has heavy waves on it, that made this beach become the paradise of surfer. Then no wonder you could see lots of foreign tourists doing surfing on this beach.

And for the entrance fee, there is no charge for the visitors who want visit this unique beach. You only need to pay your parking fee for your vehicles. But you need to remember, due to the location of this beach is hidden and quite hard to be reach you need to prepare well your transportation and accommodation before you arrived on this place.

Great tourists destination are not only located on areas of Sanur, or Seminyak. There are so many spots in Uluwatu you can visit and try them as your new trip experience. Uluwatu is having the popular temple call Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This place is more perfect by having unique and amazing beach call Suluban beach. Please take your time and visit this place with your beloved people to have unforgettable moments, this place will never disappoint you!

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