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Most Visited Tourism Spots On Bali Island

Visa Bali Info – Well, the government has told everyone that Indonesia has opened its doors for foreigners who want to enter Indonesian territory. This is very good news after so long we all have to live in quarantine and keep our distance from other people. Tourism activities are something that is not possible to do during this covid19 pandemic. And now the government has issued new visa rules for foreign tourists, where tourists from abroad are allowed to enter Indonesian territory again. This is the best time for you to plan your vacation which was delayed for 2 years. Bali is a very good place to release your longing for a vacation that has been held up during this pandemic. We will summarize about having good tour Bali where those places are favorite spots for foreign tourists.

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Kuta Beach

This beach is belongs to the one of the most famous beaches on Bali island. This beach is also one of the most frequently visited by foreign tourists. It can be said that this place is a must place to go for foreign tourists. They will take their time to be able to visit this beautiful place. Kuta beach location is also quite strategic which is in the area near with the airport. The combination of very beautiful beach views enhanced by sunset moments and also sea activities can also be found here.

Activities such as surfing are favorite activity for foreigners even for those who are beginners. They will rest afterwards and enjoy the beauty of the sunset around the beach. This beach is also known as a large port on Bali Island, where this place became the center of trade in this island.

Tanah Lot Temple

Foreign tourists are very interested in Tanah Lot especially about its history. Things that make Tanah Lot being loved by many foreign tourists are because of its location on a large rock on the seafront. Tanah Lot looks very beautiful and charming to anyone who sees it. But if you want to visit this place, please wait when the sea water is receding. When the tide is high, visitors are not allowed to approach the temple. If you come when low tide, you may also see sea snakes that have been tamed there.

Bali Island

Beratan Bedugul Lake

This lake has become an iconic place on Bali Island because in this beautiful lake there is a temple its location makes tourists feels they have to visit this place. Beratan Bedugul Lake is located in the mountains and is complemented by a very cool and beautiful atmosphere. There is a famous temple here, namely Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul. In this place there are boat rentals for visitors who want to enjoy water tourism on the lake. You can enjoy the beauty of the stunning natural scenery and also enjoy water games here. Cool, right?


This place is also one of the most visited places by foreign tourists. Here you can see there is a temple that usually used as a worship place by Hinduism in Bali island. The beach at Uluwatu has a large selection of cafes and restaurants, so besides being able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, you can see Balinese traditions and culture, and you can also enjoy delicious dishes there. People usually come to this beach in the afternoon because they want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and feel the warmth of nature.

Well, some of those references will help you to decide which place you will go first.

Latest News : Bali is now open to foreigners. If you want to get to this island easily and smoothly, you can ask visa4bali by clicking contact us anytime!

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