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Million Beauties of Jimbaran Beach Bali

Jimbaran Beach Bali

Bali Visa Info – Jimbaran Beach Bali. If you hear the word beach, your mind must have been focused on the beauty of the sea, sand and coral reefs, right?

What if we point the coast to the east of the Indonesian island, namely Bali. Surely you have imagined how the natural beauty of the expanse of the open sea accompanied by waves and beautiful white sand and exotic black sand.

Bali, with its million beautiful beaches, offers a lot of tranquility when you visit it, even a variety of entertainment and culinary delights that are ready to pamper your tongue.

This time we will discuss one of the beaches on the island of the Gods. Jimbaran Beach, here is a review of beach information with a million beauties.

Jimbaran Beach Bali

Jimbaran Beach History

It is said that there was a kingdom called Klungkung. The king who led the kingdom was named Ida Dewa Agung Sri Ratu Dalem. The leader is loved by the people because his provides policies that always glorify the people.

This king had two wives and two sons. However, the one who can give birth is the second wife. The names of the wives of King Ida Dewa Agung, the wife of Queen Dalem, are Sri Ratu Dalem Putih and Sri Ratu Dalem Ireng. As for his two sons, they were named Dalem Putih and Dalem Ireng.

The history of Jimbaran Beach began when King Ida Dewa Agung really loved his two wives and also his two sons. However, since Dalam Ireng had begun to learn to stand and walk, the king’s attitude gradually turned into a hatred for his second wife and two sons.

The king preferred his first wife even though the first wife he loved so much had not yet given birth to a child for the king.

The Second Wife Expelled from the Palace

Gradually the second wife of the King was expelled from the kingdom and became homeless and moved from place to place. Even the mother often carried her two children, to the point that she couldn’t even walk anymore. Finally the mother decided to leave Dalem Putih in the middle of the forest.

When Dalem Putih woke up and tried to find his mother, he was finally found by the Sakti Hermit, while Dalem Putih was also made a disciple who inherited power. After having inherited everything in the white palace, he was given a message to go to Uluwatu with the aim of sharing his knowledge.

Long story short of the history of Jimbaran Beach, one day Dalem Ireng had a fight with Dalem Putih and in the end they met at that place. Suddenly Dalem Ireng and Dalem Putih were fighting. Then among those who won was Dalem Putih and Dalem Putih asked for a name.

Then he replied that his name was Dalem Ireng, after which Dalem Putih hugged him and said that he was his brother. After the meeting of the brothers, Dalem Putih wanted to invite Dalem Ireng to live with him and he refused. Dalem Ireng prefers when he stays wandering.

After a few days Dalem Putih also invited the local community to work together to open the wilderness to the north of Uluwatu. The newly opened village has a fairly large land area and is flanked by the sea on its right and left. Then in the end the village was given the name Jimbaran which means wide spread.

Jimbaran Beach Attractions

Jimbaran Beach Bali

One of the characteristics of Jimbaran Beach is that you can find many restaurants on the beach with views facing the beach directly. The tourists really like to choose this place as a candle light dinner option.

But here you can surf, swim on the beach and do beach sports such as playing beach volleyball.

Jimbaran Beach Entrance Ticket

Jimbaran beach entrance ticket is free or you don’t pay, only you are charged for parking for cars and motorbikes. For motorbike parking fees 5,000 and car parking 10,000.

“Hidden Beach Jimbaran”

Jimbaran Beach Bali

Another beach that you can visit around this place, namely Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran Bali. The beach is 7 km away and can be reached in about 15 minutes by private vehicle.

Tegal Wangi Beach is often called “Hidden Beach Jimbaran” by tourists, because not many visitors know about the existence of this beach before due to the location of the beach close to the cliffs.

Jimbaran Orphanage Location

Jimbaran Beach is located in the Jimbaran area, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. Quite close to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is about 7 km with a travel time of 15 minutes to arrive at Jimbaran Beach.

Enjoying the Million Beauty of Jimbaran Beach Bali makes your experience wider, the culinary at Jimbaran Beach Bali will be an impressive traveling story with friends and family making you want to come back again to Jimbaran Beach Bali.

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