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Bali Visa Info – Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly launched an online visa application or e-visa for foreign nationals who want to enter Indonesia.

The application of the online visa is an innovation by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to provide services that are faster, easier and more transparent.

With the e-visa application, foreigners who intend to enter Indonesia now only need to apply for a visa and fill in data online through the website.

To apply for an e-Visa, every foreigner must have a sponsor in Indonesia.

To Indonesia With E-Visa

The e-Visa application must be submitted by a foreign sponsor in Indonesia through the website. If the application is approved, the foreigner will receive an e-Visa via email.

The e-Visa document is valid for foreign travel to Indonesia, without additional documents from the Indonesian Representative. In addition to having an e-Visa, foreigners are required to comply with the provisions of the health protocol during the pandemic and prepare several related documents, namely:

  • Have a health certificate from the local authority and a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 7 days before arriving in Indonesia
  • Have a statement of willingness to quarantine (mandatory or independent) at their own expense in accordance with applicable regulations, and are willing to undergo monitoring by the local health authority
  • Have health insurance that can cover the cost of treating COVID-19 while in Indonesia, or a statement of willingness to pay for the cost of treating COVID-19 while in Indonesia.

Visa Application Documents Requirements

For the requirements of the visa application documents you can prepare as follows;

  1. Passport.
  2. Application application form.
  3. Passport photo as requested by the Embassy in question.
  4. Sponsor letter, study certificate, or employment certificate.
  5. Proof of finance for the last 3 months and a photocopy.
  6. Photocopy of KTP and KK.
  7. Travel itinerary.
  8. Proof of booking a ticket or flight ticket.

How to Apply

  2. Input data and upload your personal data requirements (individual/corporate)
  3. Wait for notification containing username and password
  4. SUBMIT APPLICATION FOR VISA APPROVAL (no need to come to the Directorate General of Immigration)
  5. Log in to the application using the username and password submitted
  6. Select the type of visa to be applied for, input data, and upload the required documents
  7. Make a PNBP payment (make sure the data input and conditions are correct, because if the payment is rejected it cannot be withdrawn)
  8. If approved, you will receive a notification via email

What to Pay Attention to When Submitting a Visa Application

Rejection of applications is generally done to those whose requirements are incomplete, so make sure your requirements are complete, or else you upload a document of suspected authenticity (edited product), avoid things like this because they violate the law.

For those of you as a guarantor, in principle the granting of a visa is given selectively, in applying for a Visit Visa for Multiple Trips, you are expected to fill out information about the arrival of foreigners that you guarantee completely and when deemed inappropriate, they will be refused or given only a visit. trip times only.

Pay Attention to Documents When Submitting So You Don’t Lose

The principle of depositing PNBP to the state is irrevocable, so make sure your application is complete and not careless or playing around in filling out electronic forms and uploading required data.

It is hoped that the application of online visas will also help economic recovery through investment and tourism activities after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

This is in line with the government’s efforts in economic recovery through accelerating foreign investment or investment which will create new jobs and also accelerate foreign tourist visits when the pandemic is over.

Because everything is done electronically, the approval of the visa application will then be submitted online via electronic mail and does not need to be printed on paper.

The visa service process will be more transparent, faster, easier, and most importantly without compromising data and traffic security factors.

With the efficiency of managing time, E-visa makes it easy for prospective foreign tourists to apply for a visa through an electronic guarantor and obtain an electronic visa wherever they are.

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