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Lets Knowing What Bali Exotic Marine Park is

Visa4bali – Have you ever heard of Bali Exotic Marine Park? Bali Exotic Marine Park or commonly abbreviated as BEMP is an organization that dedicates their work to protect marine life which is located in Bali island. The organization even donates to animal rescue and disabled people’s foundations. Bali exotic marine park is one of the places that has the largest saltwater habitat in Indonesia, and equipped with very sophisticated purification methods and has a professional medical team so that the animals treated at Bali exotic marine park are always healthy and awake. Bali exotic marine park place was founded in 2019.

What is Bali Exotic Marine Park

Bali Exotic Marine ParkAt the Bali exotic marine park there is a saltwater pool measuring 32 meters x 32 meters as well as another separate pool equipped with advanced filters with the aim of providing a safe and comfortable environment for dolphins that cannot survive in the wild.

Even the more interesting, at the Bali Exotic Marine Park there is a therapy program with the help of dolphins. The program is called DAT or Dolphin Assisted Therapy, which is a therapy & healing program with the help of dolphins for children and adults who have various complaints such as disability, paralysis, critical illness, and the condition of people who experience problems after stroke to other special needs came from all over the world.

Many people from all over the world come to Bali Exotic Marine Park with various complaints such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or hyperactivity and do DAT therapy here with a very special pleasure in relaxation. At the Bali Exotic Marine Park, they offer therapy sessions to release stress by relaxing with the dolphins which in fact are very effective in relieving daily stress or just being in this great animal will make you comfortable.

Other Facilities In Bali Exotic Marine Park

In addition to provide a place of relaxation, the Bali Exotic Marine Park is completed with other facilities such as restaurants and gift shops. Amavi Restaurant is a restaurant located in Bali Exotic Marine Park. This place is very beautiful because it is surrounded by lush mangrove forests. This restaurant feels perfect because it also offers a beautiful view of the Benoa sea when you are enjoying the dishes on your dining table.

You can stop by this restaurant with your family after a therapy session with dolphins. Even here, chairs are also provided for visitors who want to relax and float on the water to enjoy the sun. This restaurant is open every day, Monday to Sunday, and starts operating from 10 am to 8 pm. The food menu offered is International and Fusion. However, please note that as long as you are in the restaurant area, you are not allowed to smoke. So please respect your fellow visitors not to smoke.

Well, inside the Bali Exotic Marine Park, there is also a Bali Gift Shop & Beyond Store. For those of you who have finished doing therapy sessions here, you can also stop by to buy souvenirs typical of the island of Bali. It’s no secret that Bali has a lot of arts and crafts. You can find all the best souvenirs about Bali island’s here.

There are so many products offered at this Gift Shop, ranging from handmade gifts, the best aromatherapy perfumes in Bali, or exclusive clothes, all of which are complete here. The location of this gift shop is very strategic, which is at the exit way of the Bali exotic marine park. Come and see for yourself to the Bali Exotic Marine Park to get a super extraordinary shopping experience from us!

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